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  1. Cjdgame

    Crystal Noel Pokemon Engine Script Error

    So I am on a mission to make my girlfriend a short Pokemon game before Christmas. But I'm running into the following problem. I have looked into the script myself and tried to figure out the root of the problem to no avail. It's supposedly a simple naming error somewhere or tag, however I...
  2. Cjdgame

    Where do YOU get your non-RTP BGM/SE for games?

    So I really want to incorporate audio and sounds that aren't RTP into my MV project. But since I may end up taking my project commercial I want to make sure I won't run into any trouble with copyright. I get that the safest bet is to record or mix your own sounds. But if I'm in a bind for a...
  3. Cjdgame

    No Files Found in MV Project?

    So... I feel like I'm missing something, because I have NO files/images/bgm apparently loaded in my project. They're in the folder for my project!!! (games/[insert game name]/audio/bgm or games/[insert game name]/img/faces etc. etc.) But when I go to change say, a characters face to change...
  4. Cjdgame

    Able to use DS+ Resources In Commercial MV Game?

    I don't know if this question has been answered before, I'm just trying to be careful. The V.2. section of the user license agreement: Allows me to use the DS+ Resource pack in MV commercially, correct? I need to know, because I love the resources, but I feel the need to upgrade to RPGMaker MV
  5. Cjdgame

    ACE vs DS Resources for Game Use? OPINIONS

    So I'm coming to the end of working out the scripting and events for my game and I need to cement in a tileset/art style for the overworld and characters. I have downloaded some modern/future tiles for ACE that match the RTP but I've also got all the DS resources. I would like people's opinions...
  6. Cjdgame

    Games You Know Aren't Good, But You Shamelessly Play Them Anyways!!!

    As my Steam library has slowly grown, thanks to the crazy amount of steam sales and humble bundle, I have found myself downloading and trying out a lot of ridiculous games. These games range from Hatoful Boyfriend, a dating game where you're a high school girl in some weird off shoot pigeon...
  7. Cjdgame

    GIF Profile Picture?

    I wanted to switch up my profile picture and turn it into an edited GIF, but it's not doing anything. Are there specific requirements for GIF profile pictures? I'm just trying to have a simple blink animation...
  8. Cjdgame

    [ACE] RTP Lighthouse?

    Hey everyone, I was trying to map the beach for my game and got to a point where I wanted to place a lighthouse. Problem is I can't seem to find one. Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: ACE Art Style: Ace RTP Description:  I'm looking for an octagonal wooden lighthouse (Preferably, though...
  9. Cjdgame

    Visual Automatic Actor Stats Table With Corresponding Monster Stats Table

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm a very visual worker. I need to be able to see the information at hand to be able to work with it, especially with RPG Maker where I need to base other things stats based on a classes stats. Because of this, I decided that the only real way for me to do...
  10. Cjdgame

    Front View Animations for Enemies?

    So recently I've been trying to fiddle around with animating my enemies in battle. Right now I'm using Yanfly's Battle Engine and I found one made by Rhyme, but it refuses to work with or without Yanfly's engine in place as can be seen here in my other thread  :headshake...
  11. Cjdgame

    Front Style Battle Enemy Animation Script

    Please close this thread
  12. Cjdgame

    Line 902 Error

    I'm getting the attached error whenever I try to enter a battle using Yanfly's Battle Engine, any help would be greatly appreciated. I also think it would be good for me to state that I'm trying to use an ENEMY animator script with it, in this case I'm using Rouge's
  13. Cjdgame

    Blessed Seed: Tree of Life

    Take everything you love about Harvest add monsters, RPG elements, and a whole world to explore! Relax and enjoy small town life and become a farmer, rancher, miner, archaeologist, fisher, entrepreneur, or try your hand at all of these and maybe even more! Create friendships with...
  14. Cjdgame

    Quicker Way of Editing Class Stats?

    So outside of the RPG Maker engine I created my classes' stats in an excel spreadsheet in the way I want them to progress and level...but the problem now is making the stat curve. I was wondering if there's a different way or a tool out there to edit class stats quicker and more efficient than...
  15. Cjdgame

    Fooling Around With Crystal Noel's Pokemon Pack: Need Assitance

    So this is me just trying to have a bit of fun in between working on my major project, but I've come across a minor complication. so I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. ===============================================================================================================...
  16. Cjdgame

    Debug Console: Rookie in Need of Assistance

    So I've recently picked up RPG Maker again to come back and work on my RPG when I have free time from work. I got bored a little though and tried to go back to my mess around Pokemon RPG to find Crystal had updated scripts. I downloaded everything and re-downloaded the MP3 files and graphics...
  17. Cjdgame

    Terrain Tags and Battle Backs

    Quick Synopsis of Problem How do I access terrain tags so I can create terrain based battlebacks for my world map? (It seems to be the most effective way, but I am open to other suggestions) Detailed Problem So I've been looking around for something to change the battleback based on the...
  18. Cjdgame

    Yanfly's Class System Leveling Help

    So I'm using Yanfly's class system, and I had everything all set up and I was excited for the use of sub classes...but then I found out that   Sub Classes don't level up with the Primary Class :(   At least not when I tested it. I don't know if something messed up along the line (Though no...
  19. Cjdgame

    Check a variable using script?

    So I'm using this... The Tales of Graces Title System script to help me make titles. Now want I want to do is have a condition check to read  a variable and know if it is  >= # If someone knows what I need to write in...
  20. Cjdgame

    Chef portrait?

    So I'm looking for some sort of chef portrait for my shop. Does anyone have one or know of one? Right now I'm using the chef in this face set.

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