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  1. shadefoundry

    Thoughts on an Equipment-Based Skills System?

    Hi all, So I'm at the point where I'm designing my combat system, and to make skills a bit more interesting I was thinking of than learning them by leveling up, the characters get access to different skills based on their equipment. Think like maybe a flame staff lets you cast fireballs, and...
  2. shadefoundry

    In-Between Movement Speeds

    Hey all, Forgive me if this is in the wrong place as I'm assuming I'm going to need a script to do this. Long story short, I want the characters to move faster with their normal walking speed, but setting it up from 4 to 5 will make it too fast. I'm looking to have the default walk speed around...
  3. shadefoundry

    The 2k3 Nostalgia Pit

    Hello all, I did these for a project I'm working on but it was brought to my attention that others might like to have them too, so today I bring you pretty much the entire RPG Maker 2003 RTP resized and formatted to work with VXAce. Included are: All of the Monster Battlers All of the...
  4. shadefoundry

    Am I Allowed to Post These?

    So long story short, a project I'm working on has ended up with me having a whole bunch of RM2k3's resources formatted for VXAce. I know there might be people who have an interest in having these formatted for Ace and I'd like to post them. Problem is I'm not sure if the 2k3 license will permit...
  5. shadefoundry

    Skipping Building Interiors

    So I've finally been able to get a copy of Bravely Default and I'm really enjoying it. Something I noticed that it does is rather than having interiors for shops and homes for generic npcs/shops it just opens up a screen where you deal with the shopkeeper directly. This seems to me like a really...
  6. shadefoundry

    Different Map Angles

    Hey all, firstly I'm not sure if this belongs here so mods please move it if it doesn't :). Anyways, Long story short my project takes place entirely in a very large city with different types of areas. Now obviously when walking down city streets there's going to be buildings on both sides of...
  7. shadefoundry

    Switching Versions

    So the last time I worked on my project, I spent a lot of time trimming it down and ended up with nothing really in the game outside of a small map that needed to be expanded. The majority of my game currently exists in a text document. Up until this point I've been working with MV, but I'm...
  8. shadefoundry

    More Layers and Graphical Settings

    I'm honestly pretty surprised that nobody's posted this here, maybe it's just such a common thing that its implied, but I feel like from a mapping standpoint one of the biggest improvements that could be made is access to as many layers as we want, and if not that perhaps a layer system closer...
  9. shadefoundry

    The Old Map Size Question

    So normally my mapping style is pretty condensed. I like to start with the small 17x13 map and slowly expand it in size as needed rather than start with a big map and then force myself to fill in space. I feel this makes my maps look a bit more organic and they work better on a conception level...
  10. shadefoundry

    RMXP Remastered Soundtrack

    Hey all,  So as I'm sure you're all well aware, pretty much all the dlcs right now are on sale. The one that mainly catches my eye is the remastered soundtrack of RPG Maker XP. I love the originals and would love to use some of those tracks in my MV game. What music I've heard from the dlc...
  11. shadefoundry

    Thoughts on Releasing First Project?

    So I've been working on my first project for a few weeks now. It's nothing particularly original and since I'm a pretty god awful writer, the characters have very little personality and the story is more of an excuse to send the characters from point a to point b than a full story with a goal or...
  12. shadefoundry

    Shady's Edits

    I was never really satisfied with some of the auto tiles from MV as they always felt very square to me, so I've taken it upon myself to learn a bit of photoshop to try to remedy my problems with the RTP. Anything I post here is stuff that I put together for my own project and since photoshop is...

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