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  1. J_C

    Cycle through events like it is a button?

    I was thinking of a feature which would need the use of events as buttons. Like when you launch the game and the see the new game, Load game, quit buttons which you can select. My idea would be that the developer would be able to specifiy certain events as buttons, so the player can move the...
  2. J_C

    How to save a global variable/array?

    Hello! I'm trying to put together a very basic script which stores numbers in an array. And during the game, I add and remove elements from this array. What I can't do is to make the game remember the actual content of the array if I save and exit the game. Can anyone help me in this?
  3. J_C

    How to make a picture always visible?

    Hi! I'm trying to make a HUD system, using pictures as the HUD buttons. My problem is, if there is a map which is covered in darkness (using Victors's light script), the HUD pictures are also go dark, and are barely visible. Is there a way to make a picture always visible, regardless of the...
  4. J_C

    Is there such a thing as "parallax events"?

    This question struck me as I tried to figure out a HUD system for the game. Is there a way to "pin" events to a position on the screen, so when I'm moving around with the character, the event is scrolling with the screen, and it is always visible at the same exact spot?
  5. J_C

    Looking for dynamic font change script

    I'm using the Crystal Engine Windowskin changing script, which lets you change windowskin based on a variable. I am looking for a similar script which changes the ingame font (or even font size) based on a variable. Does a script like that exist?
  6. J_C

    A Long Road Home - AVAILABLE ON STEAM NOW!

    It has been more than a year since I've started to work on A Long Road Home. Which started as a basic project to get to know the engine, turned out to be a full game, with a decent ammount of gameplay. Now, the game is finished, and it is available for purchase on and Steam. You can find...
  7. J_C

    Is there a script call or switch to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to switch between the windowed and fullscreen mode with a simple script call or switch? I'm not looking for a fullscreen script, just want to use the default option which is available from the F1 menu. I want to integrate it into Yanfly's system options script...
  8. J_C

    Which file to update after "patching"?

    So, I released a demo recently for a beta test, and obviously there are some bugs in it. Since I don't want the beta testers to redownload the whole game each time I make a change, I'd like to ask if it is possible it only send them one or two files, which contain the changes. It is important...
  9. J_C

    Yami's Pop Message - line break after wait command

    Script: I'm trying to use Yami's pop message script in my game, and I encountered a distracting bug. Whenever there is a wait command before a message, then the message is broken into 2...
  10. J_C

    Can I use MV resources in VX Ace?

    Hello everyone! I'm developing a game in VX Ace, and I still prefer that editor to MV, but there is one thing I envy from MV. The character generator. OMG that is some awesome stuff. All those battle poses which you can create with a simple click. So I'd like to know if I can use the...
  11. J_C

    On which sites do you advertise your games?

    Hi! Since my game is slooooowly coming together, I started wondering about which places can I use to advertise my game in the future. I don't have a huge following on facebook or twitter, so those are not the best options. Obviously I'm posting about it here and on
  12. J_C

    Victor's fog and overlay script - displaced overlay

    Hello! I'm using Victor's overlay script and trying to set up a sunbeam overlay, but somehow the overlay is off on the map. I use 640x480 resolution for my game, and for the overlay as well, but this is the result that I get. The only way to solve this is to resize the overlay so it matches...
  13. J_C

    Is it possible to change windowskin during game?

    I've been thinking about using different windowskins at different parts of my game. Is this possible to do with a script? Maybe making a script call somewhere, to use another file for windowskin?
  14. J_C

    Yami's Pop Message - how to move bubble

    Another day, another problem with J_C. :) So, I'm trying to get Yami's Pop message system to work. And I'd like to move the bubble a little higher, because this way the bubble tag (the...
  15. J_C

    How do you keep track of your resources?

    I've ran into a bit of a problem (more of an inconvience) lately. Thanks to the RPG maker community (you are awesome by the way) I've gathered a huge ammount of resources lately. The ReStaff resources, DLCs and other stuff are full of tilesets, iconsets, facesets, music which I saved on my...
  16. J_C

    RMVXA A Long Road Home - ON STEAM NOW!

    19th November, 2016 - STEAM GREENLIGHT CAMPAIGN HAS LAUNCHED! After more than a year, the game has finally reached its beta state, so the time has come to launch our Steam Greenlight Campaign. You can find all the details here...
  17. J_C

    Can automapping be really as good as parallax mapping?

    Yes, it is another THAT kind of thread. Automapping vs parallax mapping.  Don't fret, I don't want to discuss the same thing again, I've already read several threads about it. And the final conclusion is always that if you have the talent, you can make as good looking maps with automapping as...
  18. J_C

    Do you use Word Wrapping scripts?

    I am curious if most of you use any kind of word wrapping scripts in your games? I've tried two so far (KilloZapit and Modern Algebra's) and I'm starting to think that they result more work in the end. I playtest my game several times (obviously) and from time to time I run into a wrong word...
  19. J_C

    Optimal script order?

    As my game grows in size, and I add more and more scripts to it, I'm wondering if there is a golden rule for arranging the scripts in a specific order. Obviously sometimes the creator of the scripts (e.g. Yanfly, Victor) specifizes an order for their own scripts, but when I use a lot of...
  20. J_C

    Is there a way to customize the UI without the Luna Engine?

    I'm looking for a way to customize the UI of my game, but since I'm not a scripter, I find it hard to use the Luna Engine. Is there a way to make a new UI without the Luna Engine? (I can deal with some simpler scripts if there are any) I know that I can make very simple modifications by changing...

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