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  1. charlottezxz

    RMMV Ressurflection

    Hey folks! I have finally released Ressurflection as a demo for you all to play. The demo is the prologue of the game. - Genre; RPG, adventure, cartoon, fantasy - Play time; is between 1:30 hour to 2 hours, highly dependent on how much you explore or interact. - Development stage; Beta...
  2. charlottezxz

    RMMV Ressurflection

    Hey folks here's an update on progress on animations and skills in the battle scene for Ressurflection! It's slowly getting there with a lot of them in place just needing timing and action sequence tweaks. Sounds are gonna be done last, as some of those sounds are repeated. We are aiming for...
  3. charlottezxz

    RMMV Ressurflection

    Hi Folks, Ressurflection is going very strong behind the scenes and its quite criminal of me to have this thread and not post any of the updates in it (though I do this constantly in the discord server!). In regards to the recent things that have been happening for it, there’s too many list and...
  4. charlottezxz

    Mimic and Copyright

    I don't think you can copyright the concept of a 'mimic' as it is some kind of creation in possession of something. Just as you can't copyright an idea. A mimic could be anything from a book with teeth to a chest with a maw.
  5. charlottezxz

    Amy's Artwork

    Pretty art as always Amy, such a delight to look at!
  6. charlottezxz

    RMMV Run The Last True Symphony (V.280 In Development)

    Demo when Sam, we've all been waiting a cawfully long time.
  7. charlottezxz


  8. charlottezxz

    recommend me some rm games (that are both complete and free)

    Some classics such as ; Ib, The Witches house and Mermaid Swamp. Others i would suggest; Dreaming Mary. Pocket mirror as suggested above is very well done. Aria's story is pretty great too. To the Moon is well renowned for its compelling story and Lisa for its dark gritty ness but these two...
  9. charlottezxz


  10. charlottezxz

    RMMV Oath

    This looks very promising and the art style gives nostalgia vibes. Diablo sort of feeling! Keep up the good work my dude! Only thing I can suggest is later down the line, I imagine you will anyway, replace the default SFX and bubbles with assets more thematic with your style.
  11. charlottezxz

    I've got a question about how to prevent a player from moving until my cutscene is over.

    Have a tile the player walks on that could trigger a self switch for another event page on it to run an auto event. An auto event stops all player movement. During that event have your cut scene play out, play the sound effects, have a character move down with set move and then when it gets...
  12. charlottezxz

    Looking for common wisdom: Things every game should do

    I would say optimise your assets. If you are using any of the default ones you can do this such as running them through a PNG optimiser, for example the default animation images are about 40mb- 50mb of space. If you know you aren't going to use certain sounds, music and images, remove them from...
  13. charlottezxz

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    Hey uhm, thought i'd post a WIP of a map of our project, Ressurflection. There's plenty to add to! Like further rock detail and not-so-place-holder feathers which you can see in partial at the bottom! Would appreciate thoughts/impressions! ^^ Thanks!  
  14. charlottezxz

    My First Game... Huh...

    I couldn't agree with Starmage any more. Spot on there my good sir. What matters most is your enjoyment of making it. You should not make the sense of validation be the driving point of why you make your game to begin with. It should come from you wanting to make a game with a great story...
  15. charlottezxz

    RMMV Ressurflection

    At a stage in our lives we all fear the inevitability of death but what if you could cheat such an end through the use of a forlorn mirror? A rough demo for the project will be open to the public in the coming months; if you have any feedback or bugs and issues to report please...

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