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  1. Commotion

    Forum Store Purchases Transfer

    Yeah I don't believe I received my transfer email yet( at least I hope not since I just cleaned my emails out)
  2. Commotion

    Your favorite Music making software?

    I personally was thinking of getting FL studios (since i have pc) but it looks so complicated, and I have no experience in music industry  :guffaw:  
  3. Commotion

    Your favorite Music making software?

    This is just personally opinionated, for those of you who make little sound tracks, which software do you like the most and why, and which one would you think is easy for others to learn and get the hang of it?
  4. Commotion

    12 Hours of Christmas

    1)The most memorable christmas is when I actually spent all day helping at a Food pantry 2) Three Products I want the Most-        a)Rural Farm        b)Futuristic Tiles        c)Pixel Myth 3) Pfft they need more then Love, They practically made rpgmaker what it is, with so much resources...
  5. Commotion

    wooot im off the 20th I shall be here every hour :3

    wooot im off the 20th I shall be here every hour :3
  6. Commotion

    I quit that game first week.. Alpha stage was sooo much better. I learnt never to pay $150 for...

    I quit that game first week.. Alpha stage was sooo much better. I learnt never to pay $150 for early access again though
  7. Commotion

    Luna Engine Tutorial + Freebie

    Amaaazing, I def can see this boosting your sales for luna engine :P
  8. Commotion

    XP content in VX Ace?

    Yes as long as you own both engines you can use the RTP between the two
  9. Commotion

    Happy Holidays MEGA Sale!

    Lunarea, the issue I contacted you about last night is indeed fixed, I also purchased another pack and it downloaded fine too
  10. Commotion

    Holiday Sale Voting - Day 3

    I chose evil castles, Tales of Far East and Comipo:casual Evil Castles: Cause I mean who doesnt like dark sided castles to add to your story? Tales of Far east: Only because I dont own this one yet :P and Comipo:casual- eh I randomly picked this as I honestly wouldnt use any of them
  11. Commotion

    Town Creation/Battle

    OKay so Ill try to explain to the best of my ability cause this is still on top of my head. The player will be given a plot of land. He will then have to go either harvest/find the material (via trees, ores etc.) or have to do quest to get material and trades. The player will have a option...
  12. Commotion

    Town Creation/Battle

    Yes I know it needs a lot of Detail I can go into more, I was just trying to make sure it was even possible before I put a lot of thought into it
  13. Commotion

    Town Creation/Battle

    I havent thought to much on the combat of it, but I know that wouldnt be to hard to program to work. I was more worried about the town making, with player and taking over. I do know some programming languages just not the one for rpgmaker, but Im sure I can learn it pretty fast.
  14. Commotion

    Town Creation/Battle

    Okay guys I think I have a idea for a great script, but it may be extremely complex so I may have to either learn how to do it myself or pay to get it done, but I want to know if its possible before doing it. Basically the player get a town and it starts with just land, and overtime he get...
  15. Commotion

    Happy Holidays MEGA Sale!

    Yea same thing IG maker is still $60
  16. Commotion

    Is it possible to become a good artist?

    Do you just keep drawing randomly or do you watch videos. study etc I know one thing Im very bad at is blending color
  17. Commotion

    Is it possible to become a good artist?

    Hey guys Ive always wanted to do art, however Ive never actually taken art classes, I occasionally draw to relieve stress and enjoy it but im very bad like very very bad... But I really want to get better but im not sure if its one of those "gifts" or if you actually have to learn to draw. Mind...
  18. Commotion

    Fetch & Kill Quests

    Providing a back story to a main character is not at all bad, it is actually a good idea. There have been to many times where games just leave way to much out of story. And if you do plan on adding the go fetch this go kill this DO NOT put it in the beginning of the game, that is one of the...
  19. Commotion


    Voted, Good luck looks very nice
  20. Commotion

    Fetch & Kill Quests

    I personally hate quest like that, mix it up give it something no other quest has. The go fetch this, go kill this has been done since rpg's existed and it is boring. Do a quest like walking a dog and protecting it, or babysitting a evil witch baby something no one has done but is fun

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