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  1. Feldschlacht IV

    RMMZ Fatal Runtime - Can you survive a night of glitch horror?

    On a night shift unlike any other, the Head Nurse, Bowie Law, specializing in virtual care encounters a virus that might be beyond his abilities to treat...An exercise in true glitch horror, running from your imminent deletion from all manner of digital threats. With patients on the line, can...
  2. Feldschlacht IV

    Repositioning the Message Window

    Hello, how do I reposition the Message Box window in MZ? All I need to do is to move it towards the right edge of the screen to make room for another picture I want to set up at the bottom of the screen. I don't need to resize it or to do anything fancy. How can I do that?
  3. Feldschlacht IV

    [RMVX ACE] Main Menu Real Estate

    So, how do I edit the position of the HP/MP/etc values in the main menu screen? So here's what it looks like now; See how everything is spread apart and all weird looking?  This is an (kinda ugly) mockup of what I'd like for it to look like; the values closer together and coherent...
  4. Feldschlacht IV

    Yanfly Equip Engine, More Parameters

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to edit Yanfly's Equip Engine to display more paramters (as in, the x-param) such as Evasion and Critical Hit rate and so on. Is there a way to do this?
  5. Feldschlacht IV

    Lune World Map (Templeton Map Mod) Teleport

    Hi, I'm using a modified version of Lune Templeton Map script. The script itself works fine, so I don't need anything fixed, but the problem is that it's functionally useless to me as is, all it does is display a world map, but I need to it function as one, with the ability to click on a...
  6. Feldschlacht IV

    Counter Attack Script Issues

    So I have the DoubleX RMVXA Counterattack Edit script, right? But it only works properly when its under the Battle Symphony script. That's fine too, but I'm getting weird behavior where if the enemy counterattacks an actor, it says 'failed' for the first turn only, but after the first turn, they...
  7. Feldschlacht IV

    [ACE] State Damage Modifiers script isn't working anymore.

    It's this one . When I first installed it, it was working fine. Now it doesn't work at all. I plugged it in a New Project, and it's not working there, either. Is there something that could overwrite this script, and can someone take a look at it or test it to see...
  8. Feldschlacht IV

    J.E. Sawyer (designer: Fallout, Icewind Dale, Pillars of Eternity) on Turn Based Combat

    I'm really a big fan of Obsidian's Josh Sawyer, a big creative chunk of games like Fallout, Icewind Dale, and Pillars of Eternity. He has a sober, yet in-depth view of role playing in terms of plot and mechanics that I've always admired. Recently, I stumbled upon his thoughts on turn based...
  9. Feldschlacht IV

    Ballin': An examination of money in games.

    Almost all RPGs and many games of all genres have some form of currency. This topic isn't to cast doubt on the viability of such a system; I like money, real and fictional. This topic is however to discuss how money is used in the games we play, and how to better utilize the player's hard earned...
  10. Feldschlacht IV

    Mogspective Series: Final Fantasy V

    So I'm starting a thing! I did this thing on other sites before (like RMN) but I thought you'd guys like it too. I like doing them! Every so often (every week or so, or as the preceding topics fade), I'll make a Mogspective; a topic where I discuss a game I like and want to focus on, and why...
  11. Feldschlacht IV

    An attack that either does Instant Death or Critical (Formula)

    I want to make an attack that; Attempts to inflict Instant Death on an enemy, and failing that, it does damage equivalent to a Critical Hit instead. I know I can do this with a Custom Formula, but it's lost on me exactly how. Am I checking for a State, and if that state isn't there, then...
  12. Feldschlacht IV

    A state that allows extra damage on other (negative) states?

    So I'm thinking of implementing a state that when applied, allows the Actor with this state to do more damage (overall) to enemies with a given State(s). So basically something like,  Is this currently possible to do? If this requires a script, that's fine too. Thanks!
  13. Feldschlacht IV

    Support on Emerald's Skill Tree script

    I need some assistance on Emerald's Skill Tree script. Is there a way to generate a line of script I can plug into a script call that tells the script that the player already learned a skill, the requirements to learn are thus fulfilled, and doesn't need to put points into it? This may not...
  14. Feldschlacht IV

    [VX Ace] Emerald's Skill Tree Script

    Hey guys, I need some support on Emerald's Skill Tree. The script itself works fine, but I'd like some support on how to create an item that can give any actor that consumes it a skill point. Is this possible?
  15. Feldschlacht IV

    What are segments/chapters/levels/etc of games that you enjoy, but are otherwise considered unpopula

    I'm not talking about 'unpopular games that you like that others don't like', but rather; What are segments in otherwise good/popular games that are considered unpopular/that many other people dislike, that you actually enjoy? Example, the laughing scene in FFX, the Fade in Dragon Age...
  16. Feldschlacht IV

    'Hard', static stat buffs or less static, incremental, stackable stat buffs in battle?

    I asked this question a while ago elsewhere, but I'd like to ask you guys (and discuss it some more) Got a question for you guys, and I apologize for not making the premise clearer in the topic; in game making and game player, what do you prefer; a system where buffs applied in battle to base...
  17. Feldschlacht IV

    NoMethod Error Occured. Undefined Method [] for nil:NilClaSS

    I have a Yanfly script that affects the battle system, and in battle it works fine, but when I walk around on the map, I get a few steps and then I get the error outlined above, and then it points me here;    #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # alias...
  18. Feldschlacht IV

    [VX ACE] Kread-EX Skill Decay Script: How to reset the decay? So I'm utilizing this script that allows a player to set a certain skill to 'decay' in effectiveness, power, accuracy, etc etc. My battle system allows characters to attack more than once a turn, so I setup the...
  19. Feldschlacht IV

    Stealing an enemy's item to prevent their use.

    You may have seen this mechanic before, namely in games like FFX or Breath of Fire IV; where an enemy has a skill that replicates an item, but a character stealing this item from them takes that skill away from an enemy. Mechanically, what's happening is that an enemy has a skill that exactly...
  20. Feldschlacht IV

    Improving the Lune World Map (Templeton Map Mod) Script!

    So I came across a cool script that simulates a menu based world map, similar to what you might see in FFXII or Tactics Ogre. The link is below, and it has a demo as well. The script itself; ...

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