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  1. Need a script call to grab an enemy stat and compare against the players

    So I'm making a skill that needs to compare the enemy agility against the actors agility. I'm looking for a script call that can call upon the currently selected enemy agility and store it into a variable to compare against the actors agility. thank you.
  2. RMMV Help with battle action sequences

    Hello, so I'm trying to make a battle system that will let your character dodge if they hit a button when prompted to, but I'm having trouble getting it to work the way I want. The problem I'm having is adding a timing function to the button prompt so that the player has a certain amount of time...
  3. A tool or plugin that displays event names in editor

    Hello so as I've been doing my game something I've found frustrating is that in the EDITOR there is no visual display of a name for an event. I know that the names appear way down at the bottom, but nothing on the event it self. I have a lot of events that handle background stuff and I've taken...
  4. Help animating enemy attacks

    So I would like my enemies to use different attack animations for different skills, like how I can make my actors use different attack animations depending on the weapons they use. Say I wanted my enemy to use four separate animations for four different skills, how would I do that? I'm using...
  5. How to roll a random number between two variables

    So I want to roll a random number between two variables for encounters. I found this script on the forums but I can't seem to get it to work. $gameVariables.value(13); $gameVariables.value(14); Math.random(); Math.min(13, 14) + rd * Math.abs(14 - 13); $gameVariables.setValue(11, value); thanks
  6. How to do a check on an event in another map

    So I need to figure out how to check if a self switch on a event in another map is on using script calls. I don't want to use switches to check for this because the particular thing I'm making is going to be a common part of the game and I might end up with needing to map hundreds of switches...
  7. Making continuous battles

    Hello, so I'm trying to make a string of ongoing battles, with enemies appearing after the previous troop have been killed. Now I know that there is a "appear halfway" option you can put on an enemy and I've done this and tried several different conditions to try to make it work but the battle...
  8. How to make Followers passable

    Hello, how can I make it so that my followers are passable, so that an event can pass through them and doesn't get stuck?
  9. checking if event facing player

    Hello, is there a script call to check if an event is facing the player? Im using some proximity event sensor scripts, but I have an issue because I only want the event to trigger if its facing the player. I know you can check to see if an event is facing up,down,left,right, but I need it to...
  10. Need help altering Galv Event detectors

    Hello so I'm using Galv Event detectors for a project where I need my characters to do a stealth mission and avoid being seen, I noticed though while testing that the plugin doesn't detect in a normal line of sight. Example: Galv normal line of sight E=Event x x E x x x x x x...
  11. Enemies with more than one target

    So I know this has been posted about in the past, but thought I'd ask again to see if anyone has come up with something new. Does anyone have a way, or know a way to create an enemy with multiple targets? Head, body, arms, etc. I havent worked through it yet, but I can think of a couple ways to...
  12. Need help with counters

    Hello so I'm trying to create something that would allow npc's to hear a player. Im doing this with a event detection plugin and some complicated eventing using variables that would count my steps once the event has detected me and another counter which would, when it reaches a certain number...
  13. Resources for making a stealth/horror game

    Hello so I've been looking into making a horror rpg game with heavy stealth elements, similar to games like Amnesia and Alien Isolation. I understand the Rpg maker is limited in its abilities to pull of games like this, I'm not looking for super advanced AI and path finding, but I would like...
  14. yanfly event chase player line of sight

    Hello I noticed while using Yanfly's Event Chase Player plugin that a event can still see through walls. Is there a way I can make it so the events can't see though walls? I figure something simple like checking to see if a tile is impassible or not would work, without getting the system to...
  15. Yanfly Event Chase Player alert sound issue

    Hello Im trying to use the "this._alertSound = x" script for the chase plugin and am having trouble. Frankly I dont know what should be entered for x, should it be a number or a name? When I've used sound effect names I get a error and the same goes when I try and give the number for the sound...
  16. Why dont my battle backgrounds show

    Im using on screen enemies and when I go into battle there is no battle background and you just se the map. I do have the background set an d Im using a bunch of Yanfly plugins if that matters.
  17. Need more control over the Escape option

    So I was playing around with the idea of a survival horror game where its more important to escape from a battle than to defeat your enemies, because they are way more powerful than you. My problem is the way the escape option is implemented. In general you have very little control over it, but...
  18. Influencing multiple stats via Damage Formulas

    Hello great sages of RPG Maker, I have another question. So im currently working on a skill system that passively improves skill via variables. Now I've gotten the skill system to work great, but as for the damage formulas I'm running into some trouble. So this works just fine: (a.atk *...
  19. Need some feedback and advice for my skill system

    Hello, so I've been playing around with a skill system that levels your skills based on how often they get used. I've got it to work to a point, but the process for getting it to work is very convoluted and has some issues I haven't been able to resolve. I'm hoping some people could give advice...
  20. Changing skill animations

     So lets say I have a skill that lets me attack with a flaming sword. Now when I make this skill and even using the default Attack skill as my template, the attack animation wont play, it plays the physical skill animation. I want it so that when I use this skill it plays the exact same...

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