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    RMMV A life lived

    Overview: I've been working out a game since June/July 2017 that started as breaking standard RPG conventions. Like elves aren't wise and noble, dwarves aren't little drunken Scottish warriors, What would it be to play in a world without humans as the focal point? What would it be to play as a...
  2. Builds_a_lot

    How do I...

    Set up items so they have what amounts to cool down timer? Engine: MV I just got MV on the fabulous steam sale going on till the 25th for half off. And I'm recreated a game I had started in Ace. And I was thinking about a sort of crafting system, like say the PC has a piece of cloth, and herb...

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Here's the combat sprite of Azrael one of the main characters of our game,
with and without weapon.
The one thing I've always struggled with is creating a story, it halts every single project I've ever worked on. We must be in the twilight zone because I've actually come up with a plot, from beginning to end (it kinda wrote itself). I may very well be on my way to creating my first proper little game, yay!
Oh, wow!

Still need one or two "placeholder" asset things and then I'm venturing into custom windows + menus!
(I'm a little scared, lol)
In the past hour I've both joined and left the RPG Maker subreddit. So many memories were made. Power to the gam mak!

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