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  1. willoneill

    Direct Event Editing - JSON Files

    Hey everybody, My game has some very long and unwieldy text parts that can be difficult to edit in the small and static dialog boxes of the event editor - accordingly, I had the idea this morning of potentially editing them directly through the JSON map files, utilizing Notepad++ with a JSON...
  2. willoneill

    Optimal Method - Cutscene Skipping

    Hey everyone, Wondering about this for my own game, but imagining that it might be useful for some others with lengthy cutscenes as well! Essentially, I'm trying to figure out the best way to allow players to skip a lengthy conversation or cutscene that they may have seen before. The first...
  3. willoneill

    Default Fade In / Fade Out Event - Which .js to alter?

    Thanks to the tips you all have given me, I'm having a blast messing with the .js files to alter a lot of the default event actions in MV! One thing I can't figure out, though: Which .js file do I change - and what do I change within it - if I want to lengthen the default time (number of...
  4. willoneill

    Easier way to transition between message windows?

    Hey everybody, I'm currently solving an issue in my game which feels like a very roundabout way of doing it. Wondering if maybe there's an easier way that I'm not considering?! Here is an imgur gallery I made which I think illustrates it: Basically, by using a...
  5. willoneill

    Setting a Killswitch

    Hey everyone, When testing my game, I'm typically always working in fullscreen, and one thing I would love to be able to do is bind a key for an immediate killswitch (rather than have to go into the menu, shutdown, alt-tab out and close it, etc.) I know I can trigger it through a Common...
  6. willoneill

    Screen fade to black before Main Menu?

    Hey everyone, I have an inkling of how I could do this using various stacked plugins, pictures, etc., but am wondering if somebody has a simple and optimal way to achieve it. Basically, when the player summons the Main Menu, I'd like the screen to fade out to a full black before opening...
  7. willoneill

    Setting Default Parameters - Message Events

    Gave this a good search but couldn't come up with anything. Is there a way to set different default parameters for message events (Show Text, Show Choices, etc.)?  For example, the default parameters for every new Show Text event is a background of 'Window' with a window position of 'Bottom' -...
  8. willoneill

    Windowskins - Fully Opaque?

    Hey everyone, Wondering if I'm just missing something super obvious here. Is there any way to make your windowskin fully opaque? Basically, I want mine to have a solid black background, but even when I edit the windowskin file and replace the semi-transparent default with just a solid black...
  9. willoneill

    RPG Maker MV - Steam Integration

    Hey everyone, If this topic should be moved somewhere else, I apologize - I figured this was the best place for it as it is exclusively of interest to people commercializing RPG Maker games. Basically, I have a game on Steam presently that was developed in RPG Maker VX ACE, and am now in the...
  10. willoneill

    Fullscreen Default

    Would be great if there was a plugin with a few simple booleans that allowed you to have the game in fullscreen (F4) as well as with the F3-ratio stretch thing when it boots up. I think the old Fullscreen++ plugin did this and would be nice to see it back! Even better than a separate plug would...
  11. willoneill

    MV Events - Find / Replace

    Hey everyone, As part of bringing a project from VX to MV, and with scripts now being plugins, there are certain Event Commands that I need to change en masse. Basically, there are Event Commands where I used to control a script by altering a variable, but I now need to replace all of those...
  12. willoneill

    Comprehensive Menu Plugin

    Yanfly's Menu plugin is great for getting rid of menu items you don't need, but what I'd really like to see is something that allows you to not only control the menu items but also get rid of everything else (such as all of the RPG-ish hero information) as well. The XaiL Menu system was ideal...

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