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  1. KouKuzu

    Due to college and an earthquake that led to a blackout, I can't really be online much. I hope...

    Due to college and an earthquake that led to a blackout, I can't really be online much. I hope I'll be back before this month ends...
  2. KouKuzu


    Ayyy my name's Kou and I like making things with or involving RPG Maker! I'm a college student/bed potato from the Philippines! Been around since the XP days and I'm now in the process of getting used to RMMV! I have one project in the works and I'm hoping I can get it out soon enough~ I really...
  3. KouKuzu

    Kou's Icons [Updated 5/28/17]

    @umbralshadows Thanks! That one was the result of a sudden thought along the lines of "wouldn't it be neat if I swung a sword and sprayed my enemies with caustic liquid at the same time?" and what would have been just a plain glowing green sword turned into that drippy mess of lethality...
  4. KouKuzu

    Kou's Icons [Updated 5/28/17]

    UPDATE! 5/27/17: New sword icons added! From the 8th icon in the 2nd row: Venomous Fang, Headslicer, Gradation Blade**, Gradation Hundred-Heads**, Nameless Blade**, Hundred-Heads** Note: ** Weapons inspired from Fate series again~ :kaoswt: Quick reminder again, I don't mind if these are used...
  5. KouKuzu

    Kou's Icons [Updated 5/28/17]

    Just wanted to share some icons I made! :kaodes: I'm working on some more with whatever free time I've got and I'm hoping to branch out to other resources as well...although icons are kinda my thing. I like making pixel art. :kaoblush: They're all free to use! Just credit me, KouKuzu...

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Magus avatar homey!
Getting back into the thick of work on Untold Story and it feels great to be back. I'm gonna take what I learned from the Game Jam and try and get some serious work done for the rest of 2021.
The "docs" are honestly soo frustrating. Eg. positionType : "Returns the current position type of the message window." Yes, great. could you please also tell me if 0 was bottom or top, so i don't have to start a playtest to see, because i keep forgetting it all the time, and what are the docs even for, if not that? (it's top btw...)

Here's the combat sprite of Azrael one of the main characters of our game,
with and without weapon.
Hope it's good.
The one thing I've always struggled with is creating a story, it halts every single project I've ever worked on. We must be in the twilight zone because I've actually come up with a plot, from beginning to end (it kinda wrote itself). I may very well be on my way to creating my first proper little game, yay!

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