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  1. JoelMarler

    RMMV Leader of None (Sci-fi Political Sim)

    gstv87: Yeah, I'm going to make it a series of choices: I'm just wondering how many different stats I should track and how complicated it needs to be though, and what kinds of stats are most worth tracking. alice_gristle: I'll try that game out! Good point about the androids, I'll think of a...
  2. JoelMarler

    RMMV Leader of None (Sci-fi Political Sim)

    I'm thinking of creating a political game where you've just been elected president of the solar system federation and have to remain in power over the course of your ten-year term. Any ideas for mechanics? Here's what I've got so far: - Player automatically loses if a majority of the solar...
  3. JoelMarler

    RMMV Reclamation v1.5.1 (02/06/2019)

    V.1.5.1 Change Log: - Players now drastically reduce their reputation once finishing the first mission, effectively starting the game as villains. - Most buildings are now blocked off if player reputation is low. - NPCs now move locations more often throughout the course of the game. - Created...
  4. JoelMarler

    TypeError Issue

    Ok, I'll try that. Thank you @Shaz and @Andar.
  5. JoelMarler

    TypeError Issue

    Alright, I've uploaded those images too. Just tried clearing the enemies and replacing them, but that didn't work unfortunately.
  6. JoelMarler

    TypeError Issue

    A TypeError (image four and five) is occurring about half the time I play a certain battle. The battle is troop 48 (image six), and begins when the top enemy is attacked, triggering troop 48's battle event (image six) and summoning troop 14 (image seven). Does anyone know why this is happening...
  7. JoelMarler

    Player Agency

    Sorry, what I meant was giving players the power to choose how to tackle a problem. Let's say there's a monster who's terrorising a village, for example. In most games you'd have to fight it, but the developer could also give the players the choice to poison it's food, or tame the monster, or...
  8. JoelMarler

    Player Agency

    Giving players the power to choose (I've edited the thread now.)
  9. JoelMarler

    Player Agency

    How would you add player choice to your game, particularly outside of dialogue? For example, let's say there's a monster who's terrorising a village. In most games you'd have to fight it, but the developer could also give the players the choice to poison it's food, or tame the monster, or join...
  10. JoelMarler

    RMMV Reclamation v1.5.1 (02/06/2019)

    Thanks - let me know how it goes!
  11. JoelMarler

    RMMV Reclamation v1.5.1 (02/06/2019)

    V.1.5 Change Log: - NOW ON PC! - Added an optional tutorial battle. - Added a second skill for all accessories. - Added armour system to the game. - Expanded reputation system. - Created upper floors to buildings. - Created new NPCs. - Finished school puzzle. - Added more chests to outside...
  12. JoelMarler

    Making Reputation Locked Equipment

    Thank you very much, that should work perfectly!
  13. JoelMarler

    Making Reputation Locked Equipment

    I want to make some equipment in my game useable only if you have a positive or negative reputation, which is tracked with a variable. Does anyone know how to do this? Preferably any equipped equipment would unequip itself as well if your party's reputation suddenly switched from being positive...
  14. JoelMarler

    Item based Magic system

    My game is based on this idea too. The way I've done it is to make each piece of equipment provide a 20TP/MP skill and a 0TP/MP skill, and I've also incorporated a Yanfly plugin that lets your actors change equipment once per battle for added flexibility. How are you thinking of executing the idea?
  15. JoelMarler

    Looking for Players on Mac

    Hey everyone, just asking if anyone wants to play my Reclamation ( Not being much of a tech expert, I still haven't figured out how to get it to work on PC; however, I need the feedback! I've been making it for almost a year and I've only got reviews from...
  16. JoelMarler

    Introducing Myself

    Hey everyone: I've been on the forums for almost a year now, so I think it's high time I introduce myself. I'm Joel, a board game turned choose-your-own-adventure turned RPG Maker game maker from New Zealand. I saw the software on Steam a long time ago and, not knowing anything about it...
  17. JoelMarler

    Shop Stuff Availability

    I'm going to do a similar thing with a wandering merchant. He's always going to be present in the game, but his location changes with each major boss you defeat.
  18. JoelMarler

    RMMV Reclamation v1.5.1 (02/06/2019)

    Version 1.4 Change Log: - Turn orders made visible. - Characters can now only be affected by one positive and one negative state at a time. - Equipment can now be changed once per battle per character. - Missing equipment skills added and damage formulas modified. - Expanded tutorial and...
  19. JoelMarler

    Common Events Items and Equipment

    How do you use common events for your items and equipment? I have items that teleport you to the centre of town and let you automatically escape battles, among other things. How about you?
  20. JoelMarler


    Yeah, committing crimes. I've edited the original post to clarify that now.

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