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  1. Bricabrac

    Babel - program cutscenes from a text file

    Babel A dialog system for RPG Maker MV Babel is a dialogue system made to program cutscenes without even opening RPG Maker! It allows you to keep all your dialogues in a text file, and to spruce them up with commands like "show this picture" or "change the value of this variable". You then call...
  2. Bricabrac

    [Solved] Help with "Select Key Item" script call

    Hello! I am fighting with a small, maddening issue. I am using the "Select Key Item" script call ($gameMessage.setItemChoice(var, n)) in a common event. And it works well! My issue: the event runs the second script before I have selected an item in my window, and therefore throws me a "hey...
  3. Bricabrac

    Bind Pictures To Map conflicting with Yscale

    Fighting against a maddening small bug. I use bind pictures to map together with YScale, and every time the camera moves in a large map, the binded pictures slightly wobble. Have a bad gif, look at the tree behind the character: I believe I know why this is happening, but I can't seem fix...
  4. Bricabrac

    Make window appear/disappear on map

    Hello! I'm trying to create a menu that can be opened when you talk with certain NPCs. The menu itself is looking good, but I'm having trouble with the "open on the map" part. I'm currently using this code to make my menu appear, and it works: However it's not an ideal solution, for I have to...
  5. Bricabrac

    Change the value of a parameter in-game?

    Just wondering if there's a quick way to change the value of a plugin parameter though an event. The magical script calls file has this entry about it: Now, my knowledge of JS is pretty limited, but this looks like a method to retrieve a plugin's value and do something based on the result. Not...
  6. Bricabrac

    Forcing choice window to refresh?

    Hello! I'm failing horribly at Javascript and really need your kind help. I'm trying to make a choice window with options that will change with the press of a button. In order to do this, I set up my "show choice" command to have variables as values, like this: I have a parallel event that...
  7. Bricabrac

    Is this a good way to handle external text?

    I know there's already a nice plugin for external text reading, but it didn't click with me for a variety of reasons. I'm currently using a different method for handling external text, and while it works, at the same time it feels kinda iffy. For my dialogues, I just made a JS plugin with an...
  8. Bricabrac

    Button input processing problem

    I remember in old rpgmaker versions, button input processing was handled in a completely different way. Basically, you could say to the program "this happens when this key is pressed. If the user keep pressing the key, ignore that". Rpgmaker checked if the user tapped a key first, not whether...
  9. Bricabrac

    RMMV [DEMO] Selling Sunlight - Wandering Merchant RPG

    SITE | TWITTER | GAMEJOLT In narrative RPG Selling Sunlight, you're a masked merchant traveling in a fantasy world that doesn't move anymore. One side of the planet boils...
  10. Bricabrac

    Still can't rotate a picture counterclockwise...

    Hello! I have rpgmaker MV 1.2.0 and I'm trying to rotate a picture counterclockwise. I use the command "rotate picture" with negative values, but nothing happens. I know the original version of the program couldn't do that, but the lastest update said the bug was fixed... So, am I doing...
  11. Bricabrac

    Storing an item's price in a variable

    Hi everybody! I recently made the jump from good old XP to MV, but Javascript is still a strange and daunting thing for me. Hope you can help. I absolutely need to store an item's price in a variable. I found no way to do this with events, but I assume it must be doable with a bit of JS. Can...

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