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  1. dragonpc

    Gen Piece (Cyborg,Hood),Custom (Icons*, Windows, Merchant Buttons) *Update 12/05/15

    Icons, Windows, Merchant Buttons -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Colaboration: DragonPC / Yanfly Older Version: My Windows and Merchant Buttons. A couple more Windows. (kinda sci-fi) A Set of windows in 18 colors...
  2. dragonpc


    ItemBook V1.4a by Skotty TV Introduction ItemBook is a Plugin to show the items you have collected through your adventures! (and thier stats, abilities, skills, etc.. that they have attached to them. Features Previous Updates  * - Decide if items will get an entry automaticly when they...
  3. dragonpc

    EnemyBook V1.4 SkottyTV/DragonPC

    EnemyBook v1.4a! Creator name  - Yoji Ojima (original)  - SkottyTV / DragonPC (updates) Introduction Improves the Default EnemyBook by leaps and bounds! Features: Screenshots How to Use Download from link and put it in your .../js/plugins folder. open plugin and choose what you want...
  4. dragonpc

    ItemBook v1.3

    ItemBook v1.03 + SkottyTV Update 03 Creator Name: Yoji Ojima (Compatibility with YEP) / + SkottyTV (thx to DragonPC)   Introduction Displays detailed status of items.   Features  * - Decide if items will get an entry automatically when they collected!  * - Decide how many items appear...
  5. dragonpc

    EnemyBook v1.3 - SkottyTV + DragonPC

    EnemyBook v1.3a Creator name  - Yoji Ojima (Compatibility with YEP) / + SkottyTV (thx to DragonPC) Introduction Improves the Default EnemyBook. Features: * SkottyTV Update 1 ->  *    * - Decide if enemys will get an entry automaticly when they appear/transform!  * - Now you can add...
  6. dragonpc

    Anyone know what the Shadow1.png...

    I am making my own resources but I don't know what the Shadow1 and shadow2 files are for or what they do, any one know that could help me out? thanks!
  7. dragonpc

    What is the ButtonSet.png used for?

    i see it in there but i have never come across where it is used in game and was wondering what it is for...
  8. dragonpc

    How do i use the Spoiler feature?

    i see all these people use it but i can't figure out how to do it, could someone explain this for me please?
  9. dragonpc

    For Those of you that don't know about Window.png

    OK, so I was looking for info on this. And since I found only tidbits of what I was looking for I experimented with this file and after which I decided to post so others could find it all in one place. To start, the Window.png file is what determines the look of your game interface (what you...
  10. dragonpc

    Crafting system

    First off I'd like to say that all of you who are doing scripting for those of us who cannot, Thank you. You guys(and gals) are truly appreciated. i am going to do my best to be as detailed as i can about what i am looking for. its not easy to think like a scripter when you aren't one. but i...

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