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  1. RespectWomen

    Yanfly PartyLimitGauge Infinitely Refunding Itself

    Any way to make it so they move that costs the limit gauge doesn't regain its cost from the damage? Preferably without compromising on the formulas. The problem is that the special move hits all enemies 5 times, any more than two enemies will completely refund the cost and enable the user to...
  2. RespectWomen

    Layering Sprites

    Trying to draw text over a sprite and it seems the only way to do that would be to make the text itself into a sprite and add it that way, the only problem is whenever it's near the other sprite it's being erased. What's the proper way to layer sprites? Here's what I'm working with for context...
  3. RespectWomen

    Drawing sprites with For loop help

    I'm trying to draw a set of sprites with a for loop, and the part I can't figure out is how to use the index on the sprites themselves. for (i = 0; i < 5; i++) { this._box = new Sprite_Button(); if (typeof mbox[i] == 'undefined') {this._box.bitmap =...
  4. RespectWomen

    YEP_Buffstatecore, storing and reapplying states

    I'm looking for some code for a state effect, to store and remove a battler's (in this case enemy) states and buffs + the durations and then reapply it at a later time. I believe the best way to do this is using Arrays but I haven't quite delved there yet so any help would be appreciated.
  5. RespectWomen

    Drawing Gauges

    2 questions, 1. Is it possible at all to get a thicker gauge with the default MV gauges? i see only a width property. 2. How do i make a gauge fill left to right? I tried using negative width but it will no longer fill.
  6. RespectWomen

    Actor Sprite x,y

    I'm trying to manipulate the actor sprite for a float animation, I've tried the x, y and height properties but nothing ever changes. I've simply added this to the Spriteset_Battle.prototype.updateActors function: this._actorSprites[0].y += 1 Scaling seems to work however and there's no error...
  7. RespectWomen

    Static Actor Battler

    I'd just like to simply have the actor sprite be a single image since I use massive ones and repeating it 54 times in a sprite sheet is a nightmare since I'll have to do it hundreds of times for my project. I'm aware of the Victor Script...
  8. RespectWomen

    Understanding Battle Commands

    I'm trying to change the control scheme of the Battle Scene, looking at Window_Actorcommand I'm not sure where to start, how exactly are commands pushed? My goal is to input commands in an alternate way rather than the default selection menus, like a key/touch input. For reference this is where...
  9. RespectWomen

    Transforming Bitmaps

    I'd like to make some simple animations using bitmaps like gently going up and down the y axis to simulate floating, rotating 360 degrees or scaling up and down. (Sorry if its bad etiquette to make a new thread, if I should have continued in the original please combine them)
  10. RespectWomen

    Mouseover as trigger

    I created some buttons in my menu windows using Sprite_Button, I want the sprite buttons to change pictures when the mouse is hovering over how do I do that?
  11. RespectWomen

    Randomizing Base Stats

    I'm working on a project where the actors a generated during gameplay like pokemon or any other monster collector. I use YEP_baseparamcontrol ( and Class base params ( to edit...
  12. RespectWomen

    SRD Plugin Command Eval Bug

    For some reason this script doesn't work when the commands are run from a common event or any parallel event, only the one player activated, It will still run the command but not update the code so you get the same result every time. Does anyone have any idea how to fix? Script...
  13. RespectWomen

    YEP.32 – Class Change Core / YEP.34 – Subclass - Subclass Lock

    I'd like to modify the class change/subclass plugins to make it so an actor cannot go without a subclass. Can this be done with a simple code edit?

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