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  1. Morgen.Long95

    RPG Maker MV Fairy Circle

    Resource Type: Character sprite, I have trouble editing tilesets (I don't think I have the right software) so it would have to be something I could add in through an event. Maker Format: MV Art Style: Anything similar to the Kadokawa style that originally comes with RPG Maker MV Description...

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So ghosts can go through walls and stuff, and depending their type (according to fantasy media) they can or can't interact with objects to a certain degree...

So why they don't always fall through floors? Do they always float and sometimes simulate walking? If things go through them how can they hear/see? And why sometimes they have clothing? Do clothes die as well?
my birthday was yesterday...
i feel closer 2 being able 2 get a discount on the kids menu than i do being able to buy booze1627428008986.png
Getting to play your RM game on Steam Deck? How cool is that?
The best among us don't set out to be heroes. They don't want that job. They just set out to do the things nobody else wants to do. Because... someone has to do it.
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