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  1. Alisu

    Database space size

    I'm not exactly sure if this is the right forum, but it seemed closest one. When creating game (with MV) I can increase the database size for various things to suit my needs. To keep some semblance of order, and knowing I can't plan it well ahead, I'd like to space things well apart so certain...
  2. Alisu

    Alisu's rounded tileset

    I have seen some edits that give a bit of curves for the tilesets but often they are on 3x3 grid. I'm aiming to roundify the autotile sets which obviously comes with a caveat that I can't use transparency (unless on supplemental tiles to go on B+ sets. Free to use for whichever projects but...
  3. Alisu

    Common Event on weapon equip?

    Is there a way to run an event when equipping a weapon? I found the weapon can have common event attached but since it's in the effects list I guess it only runs when you use the weapon. I was thinking of system where equipping the weapon changes the class so I'd need to run handful of event...
  4. Alisu

    Animating sprite sheets

    I have been looking around but apparently this is so obvious solution no one really explains how it works so I need to ask. I have sprite sheet, the usual 3x4 fare, works well for basic sprites. Also for doors and chests and such. I have figured out how to make thing use the "stepping animation"...

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