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  1. akoniti

    'Why Adventure Games Suck'

    This article from Ron Gilbert (Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island) was linked on Kotaku, and I really like his Rules of Thumb: He makes some great points, as relevant to designers today as they...
  2. akoniti

    Retain Speed Setting on Airship Exit

    I was wondering if it is possible to modify the airship exit behavior? I've created an item that modifies player speed for a short time, and all is working well except in relation to the airship. It seems that the airship logic must set the player speed to 4 on exit, and I'm a bit out of my...
  3. akoniti

    RMMV Haroldry (Short RPG, Play In Browser)

    Join Harold and friends for one last adventure before retirement! A few questionable fishcakes and a few miles down the road, Harold is overcome by a fever. There's a witch nearby, but help isn't always what it seems... Haroldry is a short RPG (typical playtime is 15 minutes) featuring the...
  4. akoniti

    RMMV [One Map Challenge] Run Wrix Run

    * Run Wrix Run is a quick action quest set in the land of Ground, developed for the One Map Challenge event. Typical playtime is 5 minutes. Though this is a made-from-scratch game, the character is from Sandstone, and the map is a beefed up rendition of a concept found there. You'll play...
  5. akoniti

    Doing Math in an Event

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum topic, I didn't see one that perfectly fit my query. In a scenario where the player can exchange collected resources for an item, how do I do the math to determine how many of the item to give the player? Specifically, the player can exchange 10 'shrubs'...
  6. akoniti

    RMMV Sandstone

    We live on this platform of dirt and stone, suspended above what, we know not. The violent, unpredictable ravages of Sky, its contents a mystery as well, scar this Ground we tread... **** So begins Sandstone, an action adventure odyssey set on the turbulent world of Ground. You take the...
  7. akoniti

    Overworld Map - Using blank tile has no effect

    Greetings! I'm a new user, and was unable to find existing posts related to this specific issue. Hoping I'm just missing something simple :) Specifics: - MV v 1.6.2 - Using the World 2 sample map with Sunset parallax background. Objective: To delete (i.e. replace with a blank) tiles on...

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