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  1. DarcHiro

    Final Fantasy Tactics

    Recently I've been craving to play one of my all time favorite games Final Fantasy Tactics. I own the game, but I didn't have a Ps1 so I got an emulator online. So much fun... Btw who are your favorite characters/favorite jobs. I've always loved Agrias... but at the beginning I always assumed...
  2. DarcHiro

    Hello, I'm DarcHiro

    Hello everyone, my online name is DarcHiro. I use that name everywhere whether it be on social media like Twitter, MMO Games, or even YouTube. I've been a member here for awhile now, but I don't believe I have actually introduced myself to everyone yet. Anyways; I don't get online often because...
  3. DarcHiro

    Looking for Monsters for Ace, Chibi Style.

    Hello, I was wanting to find more chibi battlers for my non-commercial game I'm creating. I have some that I bought from the Rpg Maker DS Pack Plus... but I feel like I need more... I already bought the DS pack, and DS plus so I was hoping not to spend too much more money since it is a...

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