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  1. Karberus

    Speed Manager

    Speed Manager by Karberus   Versions: Current Version: 1.1 Introduction: This plugin allows you to easily change the default movement speeds in your game.  Features: Change default movement speed of walk, dash and vehicles. Option to have Movement speed affected by Party Leader’s AGI...
  2. Karberus

    Map Save Access

    Map Save Access by Karberus   Versions: Current Version: 1.02 Introduction: This plugin allows you to specify which maps will have save access disabled by default. Features: Maps you specify will always have Save disabled when the player enters. Maps that are not specified will always have...
  3. Karberus

    Battle Windows Customization

    Battle Windows Customization  by Karberus   Versions: Current Version: 1.0 Introduction: This plugin will allow you to customize nearly everything about the battle windows however you like. Features: Set X and Y position of each window. Set Width and Height of each window. Set Opacity of...
  4. Karberus

    Simple Follower Control

    Simple Follower Control by Karberus   Versions: Current Version: 1.1   Introduction: This simple plugin will allow you some control over your followers.   Features:Set whether events collide with your followers. (Perfect for On Map Encounters) Move your followers through the Set Movement Route...
  5. Karberus

    Simple Land Vehicle

    Simple Land Vehicle by Karberus       Versions: Current Version: 1.2    Introduction: This plugin will replace the boat vehicle and make it into a vehicle that can be driven in land, but not in water.     Features: Drive a vehicle in land Set the speed of the land vehicle Set whether...
  6. Karberus

    Random Battle BGM

    Random Battle BGM  by Karberus       Versions: Current Version: 1.2    Introduction: Whenever battle starts, this plugin will randomly play one of the BGM's that you choose.     Features: You may declare up to 30 BGM's  One of those BGM's will be chosen at random before each battle  You...
  7. Karberus

    [Orison]Recruiting team members(Artists, Mappers, Voice, etc.)

    Orison is the name of the team that will be working on a project that is currently Untitled but code-named "Strange". This is completely and entirely for FUN. There will be no money involved. That said, it is still very important that if you choose to join in on this, you show effort in doing...
  8. Karberus

    Mouse in animated title screen

    I'm using MOG - Mokou Title Screen script and Shaz' Super Simple Mouse System script. I would like to be able to use the mouse to select between new game, continue and quit game. Not sure if this is the right section, but I'd like to request a kind of patch script or something that would make...
  9. Karberus

    WASD in Battle

    Alright so I don't usually ask for help (I try and try to do everything myself) but I sometimes fail and this is driving me insane. If any of you could help me out it would mean a lot. Well, basically what I am trying to do is to use the W A S D keys to select options in battle instead of using...
  10. Karberus

    [ACE] Battlers

  11. Karberus

    Karberus' Graphics Studio (Title Screens, Logos, etc...)

    Hello world of RPG's, Today I decided to begin working on title screens mostly for fun, since I like learning different stuff. Here I'll post my work and I would appreciate any comments and ideas or suggestions. UPDATE - I'm back and ready to make some Title screens and other graphics for 2014...

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