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  1. Jaurstus

    Jaurstus Arts (ღˇᴗˇ)。o

    0u0 omg Ive been lurking so much that I totally forgot that I had an art thread. Here's two sketches of a merboi. Uhmmm warnings 4 a spooky image?? Idk I just wanted to do some dramatic-ish lighting.^^
  2. Jaurstus

    Hello there fellow rpg maker users

    oh heck yeah a fellow history stan!! ( :'D ) i'm new but welcome! now pay the court some cat photos or serve your sentence
  3. Jaurstus

    omg hi!!

    thank u!! cats are epic! but mine just fight and clean each other all the time, so I think they might be broken. TwT
  4. Jaurstus

    omg hi!!

    Heyo! I’m Jaurstus! I'm 15 and kinda-sorta new to the forums. It’s nice to meet y’all!! :kaoluv: I’ve been messing around with RPG maker stuff since like 10, but I’ve only ever used it for making small jokes for myself and low-effort ****post for the lads. I recently started working on my...
  5. Jaurstus

    Jaurstus Arts (ღˇᴗˇ)。o

    Aaa i drew a lot yesterday for some Toyhouse forum games :kaoluv: Here's Kerari for Aurinn I drew Brio for CrunchyCandy ^^ A lil character design based on som Jigsaw Ransomware And Rai for Orochi-Serpentine :0
  6. Jaurstus

    Satoya's Artwork

    These are so cute!! I love the way u animated the clothes, mega smooth TwT
  7. Jaurstus

    Jaurstus Arts (ღˇᴗˇ)。o

    Here's a lil sketch that I drew today. I kinda like it haha. ^^
  8. Jaurstus

    Jaurstus Arts (ღˇᴗˇ)。o

    :kaojoy: Wewwcome to my gallery! :kaoluv: I don't draw as often as I should but I hope u like what I have! Consistant art style??? Never heard of her lol. [/SPOILER] This is my first thread...did I do it right? (꒪▿꒪)
  9. Jaurstus

    i should practice parallax mappi :|:barf::( parallax m :barf: do some parallax map :barf...

    i should practice parallax mappi :|:barf::( parallax m :barf: do some parallax map :barf: paralla :barf::barf: oh god i cant even say it

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