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  1. Fade-Out BGM Stops Music Abruptly

    Too sexy you nailed it. I figured this out while debugging, but indeed it is the starting volume. The music was playing very faintly and if 0 - 10 is a bad jump, then this is certainly what caused it. When I raised the volume to 100, the fade was much more noticeable. There was still a "chop" at...
  2. Fade-Out BGM Stops Music Abruptly

    Can anyone relate to my problem? I'm stuck wondering why Fade Out BGM doesn't work.
  3. Fade-Out BGM Stops Music Abruptly

    I will note the second page on the screenshot does require the self switch A to be on.
  4. Fade-Out BGM Stops Music Abruptly

    The second page is blank and requires the action button. Another event sets "Old Man Done" to true. After 10 seconds, the music will stop. No fading occurs.
  5. Fade-Out BGM Stops Music Abruptly

    I start the music with Play BGM. When I'm ready, I flip a switch. Another event that requires that switch is a a parallel process where I call Fade BGM, wait the proper number of frames as a Wait command after that, and then set a self flag to a blank event page, disabling the parallel process...
  6. Fade-Out BGM Stops Music Abruptly

    I've attempted to use the Fade BGM event in a script, in a parallel process, both as the map music and as music started in a script, and regardless of what the fade time is (1 second or 100 seconds) it seems all it does is wait the number of seconds, then stop the music. There doesn't seem to...
  7. RGSS3 Plane

    This isn't related to input. I could change it to default to Full Screen, or press Alt+Enter, and the screen never goes full screen, just stays windowed at the high resolution 1024 x 608. 1024 x 768 also did not work. Are there certain resolutions that need to be had to go fullscreen for certain...
  8. RGSS3 Plane

    The problem I'm running into, and I can't tell if it is this fix, the viewport  fix, or hte DLL, but I can't enter fullscreen at all. Any wonder why?

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