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  1. RMMV Event Template

    How do i make an event that i can change, and have all it's copies inherit it's changes. I know "Common events" is a good start, but i am wasting a lot of time when i have a something like a push-block and i want to change their movement speed or note tag, or anything "Common events" wouldn't...
  2. RMMV Event that changes Tile

    Is it possible for an event to change a tile at a given coordinate to a different tile. something like $gameMap.??? = ???;
  3. RMMV Event Editor as JavaScript

    I know somewhere there was an online document that listed every command in the event editor in its JavaScript equivalent. Can anyone point me to it?
  4. Call common event, using another event's ID

    When a map event calls a common event, the common event has access information from the map event. I want a script that calls a common event, using the info from a different map event.
  5. RMMV Large push blocks

    what is the best way to make something like a log that takes up 3 blocks in a row, but when you push one, all 3 move together?
  6. RMMV Update a variable when the skill help window is called

    my skills have a variable in the description corresponding to the quantity of an armor that is consumed each time the skill is used. I'm not sure wherein the code the skill description is called, but i would like to put in some code that looks like this: $gameVariables._data[96] =...
  7. RMMV How do you call an actions ID in it's damage formula?

    How do you call an actions ID in it's damage formula? I want an action to reduce remove an item from the inventory with an ID equal to that of the ID of the skill being used
  8. RMMV Put Note in Textbox

    What is the simplest way of writing something in the "Enemies" "Note" section and having it show up in a text box. I want to write something like <Act1: SPD Up> in the Notes of a monster and have a text box then display "SPD Up" during gameplay.
  9. Need event to block movement while appearing below the character

    I have set an event to be spikes that alternate between being up and down with every step. I want it so that when it is up, it blocks movement onto that space but also appear below the player if that managed to get on it... setting priority to "below character" makes the image to display how I...
  10. If turn count

    how do i make an if statement that call the turn count using script?
  11. update enemy window during combat

    I put a health bar on the enemy Window but it doesn't update during combat. I tried adding a refresh to the battle manager but it says "Cannot read property 'refresh' of undefined" BattleManager.refreshStatus = function() { this._statusWindow.refresh(); this._enemyWindow.refresh(); };
  12. If statement for scene type

    How do i write an "If" statement that checks what scene it is? specifically the battle scene. Window_Message.prototype.numVisibleRows = function() { if (???){ return 3; } else { return 4; } };
  13. Show Window_BattleEnemy with Window_BattleStatus

    I want the Window_BattleEnemy to be visable above the Window_BattleStatus how do i do this?
  14. Select target even when scope is "All Enemies"

    I have important information on the Window_BattleEnemy and i want it to still appear even with attacks that hit all enemies.
  15. Chance text color in Window_BattleEnemy

    I How do i get .drawText() to produce yellow text? Window_BattleEnemy.prototype.drawItem = function(index) { this.resetTextColor(); var name = this._enemies[index].name(); var rect = this.itemRectForText(index); this.drawText(name, rect.x, rect.y, rect.width); };
  16. IF check for an event's image

    I want a conditional branch that checks if an even uses a certain image. what do I type into the script box?
  17. (Solved) Recalculate Turn Order After Every Action

    When an enemy is hit with a move that reduces their AGI, I want the remaining turn order to be recalculated to reflect that. This is for the default turn based battle system. What is the simplest way of doing this?
  18. Rigid Turn Order (Solved)

    I want characters with a faster speed to always go before slower ones. how do i remove the random element?
  19. Updating Variable in a Skill Description

    I have a \V[238] in the description of a skill but even as the variable changes during the fight the number shown in the skills description stays the same. How do i get the number to update in the skill description over the course of a battle?

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