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  1. Faerypixel25

    Pick any console and one game for that console. What would you pick?

    If you had the option to choose any video game console EVER what would you pick and what would be the first game you would play on it? For me I would pick the original play station with LSD Dream Emulator. How about you?
  2. Faerypixel25

    Moving Fog script?

    I am working on a game of mine and I need a creepy environment. Of course, I am going to add a layer of fog just to set the mood, problem is the fog ain't moving. I was wondering what script to use to make it move. If anyone has got anything, let me know! Thank you.
  3. Faerypixel25

    Faerypixels Baking

    I finished a cake. It is soooo ugly but sooooo delicious! If anyone has any tips or recipes please tell me! Here is an awesome recipe for a simple, but amazing cake! I am a bad cake decorator... At...
  4. Faerypixel25

    Event passage bug?

    (I apologize if this is in the incorrect forum.) I have a moving event in my map where when I play test it my character can pass right through, I am going to clarify now that the only thing I checked in the options box was stop animation. I will post a couple photos. Sorry for the poor image...
  5. Faerypixel25

    RPGXP for windows 8

    I recently installed windows 8 on my windows xp and now when I try to open rpg maker it comes up with an error message. Can rpg maker work on windows 8? Any idea what's wrong? If there is any idea to what's wrong, then please tell me.
  6. Faerypixel25

    Potrait requests

    Hey, I am wondering if anyone can make me a potrait/bust of some characters. I will give descriptions of what I want them to look like. Griselda sprite.bmp This is Griselda, the protag of one of my new games. She is sort-of unemotional. Or she just doen't smile a whole lot. She has white hair...
  7. Faerypixel25

    Faerypixel's Resources

    Hello world! I am the Faerypixel. This is my workshop where you can request icons from me (only icons, sorry!) I will also create a couple sprites and maybe even some add-ons, but you can't request those. You can request a recolor of tilesets too, but I can't make new tilesets. Please, don't...
  8. Faerypixel25

    Scripting for facesets IN the text

    Hello, angels. I was thinking that I didn't exactly like the character portraits not being in the text and I was wondering if there was a script similar to Ccoas UMS (if you have heard of it), that is a little less complicated. By less complicated, I mean that all I want is the basic...
  9. Faerypixel25

    Death's Pixels

    Wow, these are awesome! And you can do blood really well.
  10. Faerypixel25

    Windowskin Request

    Hello, angels. I am requesting a black, shadowy-looking, almost blank window skin for the XP. I have an example, for those of you who've played the horror rpg "Mad Father," it has a blank, black, and almost transparent windowskin. If I could get something similar, that would be great! :)   
  11. Faerypixel25

    Need King

    Hello, angels. I am requesting a sprite for the RPGM XP, because the one that they provide you with isn't exactly what I was looking for. I prefer anything King-like and I want specificaly black OR white hair. I will be more than happy to credit you if you can give mr one. Reminder, XP. RPGM XP!!!!!
  12. Faerypixel25

    Questions about forums

    Questions: 1. How do you attach pictures while giving replying to a topic? 2. How do you attach pictures to your signature? That's about it. I know the questions seem REALLY easy,, I just can't figure out for the life of me how to do this. I would appreciate any help I can get with this...
  13. Faerypixel25

    Tutorials for tileset making?

    Hello. I am currently wanting to make my very own tilesets for a game I am working on, I have the templates and everything I would need, EXCEPT a tutorial. I want the tutorial to be on how to properly color and shade the tilesets. (If one exists) can someone give me a link or anything that may...
  14. Faerypixel25


    Hello there, angels. I have been on the rpg maker forums for a couple months ago and have neglcted to introduce myself. I am the Faerypixel. (I say "the," because I like how it sounds.) I may be FAERYpixel, but I chose an angel sprite as my face photo. I use the XP and I am in love with the idea...
  15. Faerypixel25

    Beach Theme

    Hello little angels! I am currently working on my project (name at bottom) and I have come to a part where the main character wakes up on a tropical island. Can anyone show me some beach-y themed tilesets, and add-ons? Something tropical. And if possible some mermaids. I am using XP. Thank you!
  16. Faerypixel25

    Tileset passage

    I am using the RPG Maker XP and I just added a tileset to my materials and I put  those circles on the parts that I would like my character to walk through and made sure that there was an X on the parts I did not want them to walk through and a square for the autotiles. When I playtested that...
  17. Faerypixel25

    Blood Sprites needed.

    It's me again! (The really annoying) Faerypixel25. I need (another) sprite. This time, I need blood. Blood stains, blood baths, blood anything! I am trying to make a gory horror rpg (yes, people do in fact do that). But, unfortunately I couldn't find any tiles that worked specifically in the...
  18. Faerypixel25

    Injured sprite template

    Hello there people of the rpg maker community! Is it possible to get an injured/downed sprite templates that I can use to make my character look dead or knocked out. I will credit you if you let me use a sprite and I will also hug you through the computer. :D  It doesn't have to be anything...
  19. Faerypixel25


    So, I am at home getting the RPG Maker VX Ace. I go to activate the thing and it said that it can't find a trust relationship. I looked up how to fix it, and it turns out that one of the users, Mako, has made a tutorial on how to fix this. So I go through this tutorial using ALL the "http,"...

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