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  1. Isaac The Red

    An actual project demo.

    Description of the Feature: RPG Maker, while it certainly has a lot more that kind of by default needs to be filled out, and a lot of features that arent apparrent or obvious from the outset, it however has the advantage of having been around for quite a long time. Meaning there are just so much...
  2. Isaac The Red

    Random Moments of RPG maker

    So I've been reletively neglectful of RPG maker in general over the last several months. Mainly due to being a member of the working class, needing to pay bills and living about 2 hours away from my day job.. but tonight I am watching some anime. Specifically I am watching the anime "Sakurasou...
  3. Isaac The Red

    This is just a suggestion but....

    I feel it would likely be a good idea to mark certain DLC in steam related to the season pass as 'in library' for user who have purchased the 'season pass' as i'm sure at least a few people have accidentally purchased one of the DLCs that are a part of the season pass, while already having the...
  4. Isaac The Red

    Database / Plugin Manager ect.. not locking you out of the rest of the editor.

    Description of the Feature: Have the editor behave in a way that would allow you to keep multiple windows in the editor open, such as having the plugin editor and database both open while you are also able to edit your maps. Why is this feature good? Access to information at a glance, while...

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