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  1. Napoleon

    flood fill (4 directions) algorithm w/o classes?

    I have a grid as follow (pseudo): @map_width = 100@grid = {}def set_tile(x, y, value)  @grid[y * @map_width + x] = valueend...def set_tile(50, 50, true)But because a tile is nothing but a coordinate (not a class) I can not use the typical recursive algorithm to flood fill tiles to true. def...
  2. Napoleon

    Passage check bit

    #game_map #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Check Passage # bit: Inhibit passage check bit #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def check_passage(x, y, bit) all_tiles(x, y).each do |tile_id|...
  3. Napoleon

    Finding what script causes the error (or what part)

    How to debug this one.. I put print-statement just about anywhere but still haven't found it. I think it's one of the 400+ events on the map... but which one...
  4. Napoleon

    Retrieve multiline comment (command 108)

    Constants: EV_COMMENT_TAG = 'minimap' EV_NAME_COMMENT_TAG = 'minimap name' EV_DESC_COMMENT_TAG = 'minimap desc'Snippet:         # Scan for name/desc commands        if command.code == 108          if command.parameters[0] =~ /<#{Regexp.escape(Minimap::EV_NAME_COMMENT_TAG)}...
  5. Napoleon

    BGS, stop instantly & automatically?

    Soooo many times when I debug I notice that I forgot to fadeout the BGS in some map. 99.999% of the time I need to stop the BGS when I leave the map. Is there an option for it by default to do this automatically? I have the same problem with rain FX (ME I believe). And is there a way to stop...
  6. Napoleon

    Accepted/Assisted Answer button

    Instead of just a like-button perhaps also accepted&assisted answer buttons for the OP? Perhaps even a close button as well to close the topic. And the new download center will eventually fix it but currently when I subscribe to a post for a script/resources I only want to receive updates for...
  7. Napoleon

    Add Window to a viewport?

    I want my Window to be on top of other viewports. So just adjusting the z-index isn't enough. But I can't get it to work and the documentation doesn't explain it either: viewportRefers to the viewport (Viewport) associated with the window.class Window_Popup < Window_Base  @@nap_viewport =...
  8. Napoleon

    Heal spell causes damage instead of healing...

    So I made this free script to always deal a certain minimum amount of damage. But sadly the heal spell (and a few other skills) now cause damage instead of healing. And some skills damage both the enemy AND me... I have no idea why. It's something simple I know it. Script (updated): I'm...
  9. Napoleon

    Script for restricting equipping actors?

    Is there a script that restricts opening the equipment screen for certain actors? Or perhaps just disables the 3 options in the equip screen for the specified actors? I need this to prevent the player from altering (or stripping) certain guest/temporary actors in the party.
  10. Napoleon

    Storage space for scripts/demos?

    During last Indie's Event most Dropboxes went down and are still down. Also if scripters go inactive, their scripts sometimes get lost (sometimes forever) and re-uploading them by someone else is often against their terms. Isn't there some way for non-plus-members to upload scripts&demo's...
  11. Napoleon

    Make Enemies cast revive 'smart'?

    In battle sometimes enemies cast "revive" even when there is no fallen enemy on the field. This obviously looks pretty dumb. I was looking for some option/conditional in the database to only cast it when another enemy is dead. But the only option I had for conditions is whenever the enemy...
  12. Napoleon

    Ace master scriptlist and (indirect) AdFly

    I just clicked on a link in the ace master list, then I clicked on the next link to go to the adfly page that redirects me to the script. Guess what happened? I got a 18+ uncensored nude image of 2 giant co**s and a girl covered in sp**m. I got a screenshot but I rather not post it here. And no...
  13. Napoleon

    Minimum Damage (by Percentage!)

    I know that I can use a [x,y].max in the formula. But I want a minimum damage applied to ALL attacks as a percentage based on the attack-value-formula-part. Let's say I have 100 attack, and the creature has 500 defense, then I still want to deal 20% of the attack-damage minimum. I also want the...
  14. Napoleon

    Change event z-index to be above the parallax?

    Is there an option or a script for it? I have an event with a just a book-graphic that I switch (using the self-switch A) to another page. But my map is parallaxed so the event is underneath the parallax layer. The desk itself is above the player (parallax) and so the desk is also above the...
  15. Napoleon

    Event becomes 'Jitterish'

    Happens when the event that is being followed moves really fast. It becomes 'jiterish' or it even seems to disappear sometimes. I tested it on a NPC with random-movement + high frequency + 8x movespeed. Problem code: alias nap_cam_scroll_update update def update(main = false) if...
  16. Napoleon

    (fog/sun rays) Overlays

    I tried searching for them on these forums and using Google but I found mostly only ones without any license. Is there a list somewhere that I missed with those graphics? They are probably easy to make but I tried and tried but always ended up with some seam or something else.
  17. Napoleon

    Victor Lighting - Lantern on wrong actor map notetag: <actor lantern 1: 255>The lantern's direction adjusts properly to the player (first one in party). But the lantern-light itself is positioned on the last party member regardless of the actor id that I put in the map-note. I tried changing...
  18. Napoleon

    Allow npc's to walk through other passable events?

    How can I allow NPC's to walk through other events (like a chair that has it's priority "below characters")? I can set check the "through" option but then it also moves through impassable events with priority "same as characters". That is not acceptable.
  19. Napoleon

    Proper way to pass parameter to new custom scene? # How to pass parameters into Scene_Foo?Currently I use (requires 2 lines sadly): Scene_Foo.setter = 'sample' code: def self.setter=(value); @@setter=value; endBut that is not really optimal. What did I miss?
  20. Napoleon

    Again, dispose problems

    Window_Base: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Reset Font Settings #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def reset_font_settings change_color(normal_color) p contents.disposed? # False p...

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