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  1. Isaac The Red

    RPG Maker MZ: State of Plugins Poll

    1. If you are using RPG Maker MZ for your current game, what plugins are you using? Primarily Visustella plugins, since 90% of my needs when using MV were handled by Yanfly's extensive plugin library, I put the extra money down on supporting the Visustella team in their endeavor to bring that...
  2. Isaac The Red

    Set TP to 0 after battle, regen MP on steps?

    This is an incredibly clean way to handle this. I like it.
  3. Isaac The Red

    Original Character Contest 3 MZ Submissions!

    Name: Isaac About: An alchemist from the Ixali Mystlands. Isaac tends to keep on the move, to further his craft by studying the flora and fauna of different regions and collecting numerous samples. Few actually know anything of significance about him other than he is prone to getting 'lost' for...
  4. Isaac The Red

    The longest 3 hours of your life starts now.

    The longest 3 hours of your life starts now.
  5. Isaac The Red


    I'm not Touchfuzzy but I can answer this. If you preorder MZ on steam, you get a copy of MZ that you can gift to a friend, it goes into your inventory the same as cards and other steam items do. [like hats for team fortress 2 and skins for space engineers :D] You can gift it right away if you...
  6. Isaac The Red


    As it stands that's kinda how I get around it, I use dual instances. I keep a blank map open on one version, and use the database editor there. On the other I work on the maps. Before shutting down I close the database and open it in the other instance to confirm changes have been made properly...
  7. Isaac The Red

    Item Can Only be Consumed by Specific Actors?

    Make the item call a common event, use the common event to apply whatever effect you want to the specific actor you wanted the effect on?
  8. Isaac The Red


    Thats the main reason on I wan't it, I posted a whole thing on it when they put up the forum sections for user input on features people wanted. being able to work in more than one area of your project at a time. Realistically you cannot literally use both sections simultaneously but being able...
  9. Isaac The Red


    DANGIT! I mean, I'm not surprised, but still. That was the top item on my wishlist.
  10. Isaac The Red

    @magnaangemon01 Good Luck! They've got a few more they will end up giving away down the line so...

    @magnaangemon01 Good Luck! They've got a few more they will end up giving away down the line so there's always a chance. Keep an eye out for humble bundle stuff. Not sure your personal situation, but where there is a will there is a way!
  11. Isaac The Red

    @Black Pagan MV runs fine on my Surface Go tablet with intel pentium gold processor and 4GB of...

    @Black Pagan MV runs fine on my Surface Go tablet with intel pentium gold processor and 4GB of ram. So I would be confident that MZ should run fine on your i3.
  12. Isaac The Red

    Waiting for MZ....

    Waiting for MZ....
  13. Isaac The Red

    [RMXP] Subzones on a larger map

    Performance wise. The smaller maps for each region will work better usually, however, if your not finding any problems in performance for the larger map, and wish to stick with that idea, about the best thing you can do is add a border of events along the edge of each region. Their only purpose...
  14. Isaac The Red


    It's mildly dumb but the thing I am most excited for at this exact moment is all the new generator parts MZ will bring to the table. Still excited for all the optimization, the return of manual layers, built in ATB etc... but seriously. Generator Parts. :D
  15. Isaac The Red

    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #4: Event List, System Tab Options, New UI, Release Date & Price!

    I'm going to lay this out so that I hope you understand me. And the direction I come from with my stance on this. Software as a service makes sense. You pay subscription to a software and you can use it as you like while you maintain your subscription. This kind of business model works for a...
  16. Isaac The Red

    Coming Summer 2020 RPG Maker MV ACE!

    Coming Summer 2020 RPG Maker MV ACE!
  17. Isaac The Red

    Mobile Push Notifications

    Yea, the engine just isn't built with that in mind. JRPGs are its intended focus, though I've seen all manner of different games made in the engine. Just that type of game would require a lot of external work to function. Though I've seen multiplayer mom style games built in RPG Maker in the...
  18. Isaac The Red

    How to Fix Game Lag in Android?

    While there are many things that will contribute to lag, one major thing you can do for a game you plan on releasing on Android is minimize your file sizes. Lower bitrate audio, lower the quality a bit on resources... hum.. like in Photoshop, when saving, there is a save for web option that has...
  19. Isaac The Red

    Mobile Push Notifications

    First you have to kind of understand exactly what push notifications are, and how they work in regards to apps. For an app to actually make use of push notifications it needs to have a process running in the background of the device. And with the way RPG Maker MV handles game functions nothing...
  20. Isaac The Red

    What One Thing In RPG Maker Would You Like To See?

    I've made my statement on the past via this post but to reiterate. Allow people to have access to more than a single portion of the editor at any given time. As my...

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