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  1. Napoleon

    Popup Window with Queueing

    That does seem like a bug indeed. But I'm sorry I no longer maintain/update my scripts.
  2. Napoleon

    Bust Script

    The script supports adjusting the x and y locations of a bust for each window-type. It also has a z-index setting. x,y offsets: WINDOW_TYPE_OFFSET_X = [ # Bust x-offset depending on window type. 0, # normal 0, # dim 0 # transparent ] WINDOW_TYPE_OFFSET_Y = [ # Bust y-offset...
  3. Napoleon

    flood fill (4 directions) algorithm w/o classes?

    I can't use recursion without creating a new custom object for every tile that I check. Because I have a grid of bools and not a grid with classes. Update: Oh wait... I can just use a 2nd method... I'm so silly... I solved it. For whoever is interested, here is my (unoptimized) solution:
  4. Napoleon

    flood fill (4 directions) algorithm w/o classes?

    I have a grid as follow (pseudo): @map_width = 100@grid = {}def set_tile(x, y, value)  @grid[y * @map_width + x] = valueend...def set_tile(50, 50, true)But because a tile is nothing but a coordinate (not a class) I can not use the typical recursive algorithm to flood fill tiles to true. def...
  5. Napoleon

    Scale Actor Faces / resize bitmap

    Use that info for the method It's indeed weird that the default code sometimes disposes Cached images. It's probably to keep the RAM usage low. But... To me it makes no sense.
  6. Napoleon

    With still teeth as sharp as a razorblade though. So you got a spiked-belt.

    With still teeth as sharp as a razorblade though. So you got a spiked-belt.
  7. Napoleon

    Passage check bit

    Any indeed is what I'm looking for. But AnotherFen's solution + your bit seems to do the job as far as I have tested. I also tested it with tiles with only a few passable directions including stars.
  8. Napoleon

    How To speed up RPG-Maker?

    Afaik RPG Maker (at least Ace) depends for 90% on the processor. And only one core. So you need just a fast single processor. RAM and videocard don't matter at all unless you have less than 256MB but in that case you have other problems. Yesterday we noticed that someone with an I5 processor...
  9. Napoleon

    Passage check bit

    in that case I go with whitesphere's solution:   def any_direction_passable?(x, y)    [2, 4, 6, 8].each { |d| return true if check_passage(x, y, (1 << (d / 2 - 1)) & 0x0f) }    return false  endUntil I find a more efficient solution.
  10. Napoleon

    Passage check bit

    Thanks that works. I did add a minor fix though to prevent it from crashing. def any_direction_passable?(x, y, directions = 0b1111) return 0 != all_tiles(x, y).inject(directions) { |res, tile_id| flags = tileset.flags[tile_id] # <<< changed tile to tile_id to prevent the crash next...
  11. Napoleon

    Finding what script causes the error (or what part)

    New update that also supports control variables and move-routes. Note that the code is not 'clean' anymore but it works. Output example:
  12. Napoleon

    Passage check bit

    #game_map #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Check Passage # bit: Inhibit passage check bit #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def check_passage(x, y, bit) all_tiles(x, y).each do |tile_id|...
  13. Napoleon

    Finding what script causes the error (or what part)

    Battle events also end up in command_355 and command_111. So I only need to alias those 2 right? I made some modifications to support battle-events as well. It now works with battle-events (does not specify the exact event but okay), map events, common events, common events called through...
  14. Napoleon

    Finding what script causes the error (or what part)

    It still works correctly as long as the common event was called through another event. If the common event was called through a custom script, then I don't know.
  15. Napoleon

    Finding what script causes the error (or what part)

    p scriptwill work too. But I do prefer the more automated option. I do have events that start other events and such. But indeed 95% of the time it's the event that you interact with, or some parallel/autorun event. But the other 5% can be annoying to track down sometimes without any of the...
  16. Napoleon

    Finding what script causes the error (or what part)

    That solution is just perfect! Thanks. Some modifcations:
  17. Napoleon

    Finding what script causes the error (or what part)

    How to debug this one.. I put print-statement just about anywhere but still haven't found it. I think it's one of the 400+ events on the map... but which one...
  18. Napoleon

    Music from other games?

    Most people seem to just do it. If you make no profit and if the owner is some big company (and not an individual/company from this community!) then you're usually good. But yes it illegal. It's just that those companies are unlikely to care. If you make a tripple triad game or use pokemon...
  19. Napoleon

    I bet that sells really well :) .

    I bet that sells really well :) .
  20. Napoleon

    Dynamic Window Skin

    an event on the map in the normal editor itself. then add a script-call to it from the 3rd tab-page i believe and add that line. then talk to the npc EDIT: better just PM me. Update: His error was caused because he added my script but never started a new-game but instead kept loading a...

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