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  1. Dimitris

    The King In Yellow

    THE KING IN YELLOW a psychological horror game by Dimitris STORY Junior professor of glossology William C. Webb is being summoned by a team of professors in an isolated town deep within the mountains to assist with a peculiar discovery. A wolf's skeleton was found on a sacrificial chamber...
  2. Dimitris

    Lethe's Fate

    Lethe's Fate a short psychological horror game by Dimitris     STORY You play the role of Lethe, Commander General, sworn protector of the order of the One Godess. Lethe wakes up in a forest, not remembering how he got there, not remembering his past. Help him find a way out of the forest...
  3. Dimitris

    What inspires you to write your game's story

    Where does your inspiration comes from? Is it a book, a movie or another game? Where are your characters and your world based? For example, the main character I am making has the positivity of Tidus from Final Fantasy X, one from my secondary characters is out for revenge similar with Edmond...
  4. Dimitris

    Hi everyone!

    Hey, my name is Dimitris and a few days ago I started using RMVXAce. I know my way around because I have used Rpg Maker XP a few years ago so mapping and eventing is nothing new to me. Now I am learning variables and more advanced stuff in general and the tutorials in the forum are veeeeeery...

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Some people have too strong of an opinion about what maker is the best, I've seen discussions like:
- I prefer VXAce because I like the style of the RTP better than the older releases
- You're worse than Hitler
My number one take away from this game jam is to make small games that are as polished and bug free as possible. Far less dev time, and if the game flops, it matters less because my time investment is much lower. Also, whatever ambitions I have... aim for about 10% of them. They are clearly too high, and will involve stuff that likely won't matter.
I'm finally back! :kaojoy:
A lot of RL issues happened this year which didn't let me work on Aithne as much, but I am back with new inspiration!
In that time my art style also changed a little, so I'll be doing a small art change with busts/menu art
Ops forgot to fix the hand on the weaponless sprite o_O
opening old GIMP files is a blessing and a curse because it can be fun to look at art you started once upon a time and want to finish BUT come to a total halt when you remember your past self forgot to create separate layers for most files

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