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  1. Windowskin Manager

    Not sure how much use this will be to anyone by now, since VXAce is two generations of RM old and there are other windowskin-changing scripts available. But I also don't know whether any of them allow you to globally set a windowskin for specific Scenes in the game. So this one allows you to do...
  2. Rising of the Shield Hero RMMV (Steam/iOS/Android)

    Looks like Kadokawa's back at it again. First they did it for Overlord, now they're doing it for Shield Hero except this time it's a paid product instead of just a free webgame. Even has a Steam page already up. The Steam page is in English with screenshots and a trailer, but the game is...
  3. Nintendo Switch - Luke & Rebecca (Kaitou Twins)

    This indie game for Switch recently went up on Nintendo's eShop. The screenshots kind of speak for themselves. Am I the only one who who feels somewhat disconcerted at seeing those REFMAP/First Seed Material/Mack tiles on a Nintendo Switch game? Before anybody says it, yes, I am very much...
  4. Eurogamer Article On RPGMaker-Made Games

    Eurogamer just did a numbers based analysis of how many RPGMaker-tagged games on Steam are actually considered "bad" (negative-scored reviews) by their reviewers. The answer is... apparently around 25%. Excluding a substantial number of games that didn't have enough reviews to count and those...
  5. Overlord MV game?

    So apparently since Enterbrain publishes the Overlord light novel series in Japan, it seems they thought it would be a good idea to put up a free RPGMaker MV game for download available on their website (along with a browser-based version) to promote it along with the currently running new...
  6. MV for PS4/Switch?

    So something just caught my eye on a number of grapevine gaming discussion sites. And it seems to have gotten on some larger gaming news outlets too. RPGMaker MV on Sony PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Is this news, in fact, not fake? Or, to put this in a more staff-friendly way - can it be...
  7. Font Editor/Loader

    Font Editor/Loader By: Traverse (31/10/15) Intro: [/SPOILER] Features: Loads custom fonts placed in the fonts folder. Quick access to font outline width/outline color/size/other language font settings used in Window_Base and inheriting windows. Pixel offset option for text...

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