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  1. Eurgh

    Upgrading Abilities

    What are people's opinions on upgrading your abilities as opposed to gaining the abilities through levelling. What I mean by this is you start with a fireball, you can pay X amount of gold/points to turn it into Greater Fireball OR You have to wait until a certain level to unlock Greater...
  2. Eurgh

    Thoughts on Simulated Results

    What are your thoughts and feelings when it comes to simulated results? Example: You have an army and a castle. An event happens where enemies attack. Your army's power is then calculated against the enemy's power and the result ends in either your win or loss. Example 2: You attempt to...
  3. Eurgh

    Bubbles in Autonomous Movement

    I want to have quest givers constantly play the "!" bubble when they have a quest and "?" bubble when it's ready to be handed in. But the only way I can see doing this without blocking me out of using the event would to be a separate event which constantly checks if conditions are met then...
  4. Eurgh

    Backgrounds not going transparent

    I have downloaded an animation pack for attacks and all the animations have a black background, however whenever I import them and set black as the transparent and the translucent as black, then tried setting translucent to one of the slightly transparent pixels but it stays black which means I...
  5. Eurgh

    Making your world feel alive.

    How do you guys make your worlds feel alive? I'm looking for some ideas since I can't thinking of how to do some more complex ones. Some things I use to make it feel alive are random spawn variables which changes who is in an area at the time, or I'll use it to change what a person says when...
  6. Eurgh

    Side Quests

    What are your opinions on types of Side Quests to add into games? In my game i'm currently making, i'm adding side quests that branch off into their own extensive quest lines that sometimes provide overall benefits for the rest of the game. And i'm looking for ideas of what to avoid or what to...
  7. Eurgh

    How do I make Army vs Army?

    Is there a relatively easy way to do an army vs an army? By this I mean, you can recruit men, ogres, skeletons, etc. Into your 'army' then a group fight them and there is a % chance of you winning/losing obviously depending on the strengths of each army. So lets say it's 300 vs 500, is...
  8. Eurgh

    1st Member doesn't fight

    I want to find a script that allows me to have a pokemon type set up where the 1st actor doesn't take part in battle or show up in the team list.  Anyone got suggestions?
  9. Eurgh

    Ability to de-activate and re-activate scripts.

    I want a way to disable the ABS i'm using.  Is there any way to do this?
  10. Eurgh

    Cards Sheet

    I've been looking around for a sprite sheet or tileset that has cards on it but I couldn't find any, So I made my own, I only originally wanted the yellow cards, however I went over the top and made an entire sprite sheet of them colouring them in various colours including Yu-gi-oh cards...
  11. Eurgh

    Modern Day Sandbox game?

    What would you all think about a sandbox game about a normal high school student.  Nothing special. Just a giant sandbox world where you can catch the bus to go to places, for bus fare of course. Unless you're going to school of course. Of course you can skip school and go to the arcade or...
  12. Eurgh

    Game changing Cutscenes

    I stole this idea from Farcry 4 admittedly. But, in my game, you are invited into a room in which they offer you to join them. However some problems arise and you are left alone in the room, given the command "Wait here a moment." You then hear screams, loud crashes and crying from outside the...
  13. Eurgh

    Telling the player everything

    I have various followers that can only be recruited if the player does certain things. This where the problem lies, I don't want to force feed the player information on how to get the followers, but I also don't want them to completely miss them due to having no idea of their existence. Near...
  14. Eurgh

    Bust Generator

    I'm using this at the moment. But as you can see it's fairly limited. Does anyone know of a bust generator that has more in it than that? Free would be preferred. I'll pay though if i really NEED to... I guess.
  15. Eurgh

    Minigames! I need more!

    Are there any more minigame scripts around that anyone knows of? I have a fair few, including the ones on this forum (Trust me, I went through EVERY page trying to find more). So it would be greatly appreciated if I could be given links to more minigames that you know of. Thank you in advance.
  16. Eurgh

    Suggested things for a dating sim

    Hey, I need some guidance on how I would go about making a dating sim (for reasons I dare not disclose). What scripts (if any) would you recommend? What tile sets would you recommend for a more modern setting, possibly a school tileset since the default just ain't gonna cut it.  Any...
  17. Eurgh

    Summoning for help

    I'm planning on putting a Dark Souls twist on things. Where as you play the game on your own and any companions you do get, are removed once they die and can be brought back, if of course you walk back to where you got them from.  It's an ABS (the one where battles are event driven as opposed to...
  18. Eurgh

    Soul Capture for purchases.

    I'm thinking of having it so when you have an item, for every monster you kill, you collect certain amount of souls. The harder the enemy, obviously the more you get and the higher your level, obviously the less souls you get for killing things to stop you from farming a 'hard enemy' when you...
  19. Eurgh

    Perish song?

    Does anybody know how to make a perish song like attack?  Basically, perish song is an attack which when activated gives a time limit of 3 turns before it kills both of the battlers.

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