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  1. IndecisiveEevee

    Multiple Character Chapters?

    Thanks! I've been waiting literally three hours for an answer, and I guess I'll try this. Sorry if my post was an inconvenience, I'm pretty much a n00b, having three posts and yet no replies of my own. Thanks though! You've been great help!
  2. IndecisiveEevee

    Multiple Character Chapters?

    Hewwo! I need major help! I'm making a game in which the player gets to use several different characters, each in their own little "chapters" of the story. I don't "know" exactly "how" to "do" this, but that's why I have you guys, the great RPG Maker forumers, if that's how you say it. Thank you...
  3. IndecisiveEevee

    MP3 Player?

    Ok, thanks. I'll try.
  4. IndecisiveEevee

    MP3 Player?

    Hi. I was wondering if there was a way to make an MP3 Player type item, in which the player opens it in the key items section, and a "song selection" screen pops up where he/she can choose a song, and the song would play as the game went on. I also wanted it to go to the next song when that song...

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