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  1. (Solved)

    Nevermind, i fixed it. Not sure if this is the correct forum for this. How do I pass an event's ID to a script inside a movement route? I'm using Galv's Map Projectiles, and I'm trying a get an event to spawn projectiles at itself, so...
  2. One of my enemies doesn't disappear on death.

    So I made this enemy, which is basically a missile with a face. It attacks by exploding, dealing damage and killing it, which should cause it to disappear, but doesn't. This is the only enemy that doesn't disappear properly, and even then, this only happens if it dies to its own attack. EDIT...
  3. Event Sprites disappearing while running Common Events.

    So I have a number of events in game that work by making calls to Common Events, but for some reason their sprites always seem to turn invisible while the Common Event runs. Example Every save-point I have works by calling a Common event called "Save" which displays some text and then opens...
  4. How do I change how long battle messages stay on screen?

    I've found that messages in battle ("___ used X skill!") don't stay on screen long enough between actions. Has anyone else managed to fix this?
  5. Pausing a specific event for a specified amount of time

    I currently have enemies handled through map events, and I want to set it up so that the when the player runs away, the enemy will stop moving or interacting with the player for a time afterwards, allowing the player to run away. Does anyone know a good way to do this?
  6. (Resolved) Has anyone managed to get SRD_TimedAttack to work for enemy attacks?

    I'm trying to set up an active defense system using SRD_TimedAttack, and while I have managed to work for the first enemy attack in a round, each enemy after the first ignores the system entirely. If anyone has a better understanding of how the plugin is coded, can I get some help?
  7. Active defense system

    Does anyone know of a good active defense system plugin that let's the player time a button press to block incoming damage? BTW: I've looked into this: which doesn't do what I want at all.
  8. Checking if item is key..

    How do I check if an item is a key item? I've been searching through the .js files, but I can't seem to find anything.
  9. Equipping items question.

    I'm trying to alter the equipping code so that the player can't equip an item if doing so would reduce a particular stat below 0. I thougt I would add a line to the canEquip function in rpg_objects, so that it would return false if the item would (you get the idea), anyway that resulted...
  10. Resetting Map Events

    So I've got enemy encounters setup as events on the map, and I'm looking for a way to to setup an event that resets them. Does anyone know a good way to implement this? BTW, I don't want them to automatically reset every time the player switches maps. Right now I'm thinking that I could have...
  11. Removing Buffs

    This is probably a really simple thing, but how do I do the following -Character A has buffs to a stat -Character A attacks an Enemy (here's the bit I can't seem to figure out) -Character A loses the buffs to their stat.
  12. (SRD_TimedAttack) Creating a skill that hits a variable number of times. I'm looking to create a skill that hits enemies a variable number of times based on how well the player mashes the action button. The plugin uses the following variable $gameTemp.tas_power which in this case represents the percent of the bar that the...
  13. Map Enemy Movement

    I'm trying to set up enemy encounters to appear on the map and while I can get them to move towards the player, I can't figure out how to make it conditional so that they wait until the player is within a certain distance of them before doing so. Also, how do I check the player's levels from...
  14. Variables in Notetags

    Does RPGMaker not allow variables in skill Notetags?
  15. Limited Inventory Total (tried Yanfly already)

    I'm not sure if this is the place for this... I'm trying to figure out how to limit the total number of items the player can have (ie Paper Mario, Earthbound, etc.), does anyone know of a good way to do this/ a good plugin for this? I've tried Yanfly's ItemCore, but that has two major...

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