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  1. RMMV Window layers

    Hi all Can anyone point me in the direction of how window layers are decided? I've created a new window in the battle scene that shows status icons, which is all fine other than when the battle ends the transparent window I've created creates a 'hole' in the xp/gold window. Thanks!
  2. RMMV Custom Window elements

    Hi all I have successfully created a custom window in the battle scene, however I want it to display an actor's state icons. I am using the displayActorIcons () function that already exists in the window_base class, but nothing displays. I can see in the existing code that a rectangle object is...
  3. Showing YEP ATB in custom HUD

    Hi all I'm currently using YEP ATB plugin and I want to redesign the battle HUD. The problem is that I've got no idea how to grab a variable to represent the current ATB gauge's value or the charge value. I think that the gauge graphics update per 'tick' rather than it holding a direct...
  4. RMMV Purgatory - limited battles

    Hi all Just wanted to get any feedback on the core mechanic of the game I am working on. In a fantasy world where deities have created a system for deciding who is good and who is bad, the player character ends up with a completely even score at death. He ends up in a purgatory-type...
  5. Luck Affecting Drop Rate

    But Adept, they said, surely with your limited knowledge of javascript you could write some code that would allow luck to affect the drop chance of items! In actuality of course no-one said this, but I needed to make it happen and so I have and thought I would share as I couldn't find anything...
  6. Adding thousands of stat points (buttons or increasing allocation on key press)

    Hi all I am using the YEP_StatAllocation plugin and I'm having an issue where the player can end up with thousands of stat points to assign. By default pressing the left/right key on a stat increases it by one, holding the key increases it in increments of one per X time (presumably whatever...
  7. RMMV SRD Stat Distribution > 999

    Hello wonderful people I have a really niche issue, specifically with the SRD_StatDistribution plugin. I have entirely done away with the existing levelling system in my game and have replaced it with stat distribution only. In an attempt to cover up any sloppy design with the use of...
  8. Weapon/Armour Details In Shop

    Hi all I am a bit stumped by this. By default the shop only displays the change to the stat of relevant actor for whatever it deems to be the key stat for the item being viewed. I would like to find a way to show all the stats that an item affects. I feel as if I must be missing something as...
  9. How to make desert maps more interesting?

    Hi all! I am in the process of making my first rmmv game and I am thoroughly enjoying the process (my wife less so!), however I have begun my game in a desert town. The town itself is fine; houses, people, you know, all the usual stuff that keeps the eye engaged. The problem is when the...
  10. Common event to set/transfer player to stored coords

    Hi all I'm relatively new to rmmv and suspect I am doing something wrong as I can't find a thread for this issue. In my project I have two common events; one grabs the map id, X and y coords of the player. The second transfers the player to the stored location. My issue is that the second...

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