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  1. OscarSouth

    RPG without battles or using battle system for creative or non-combat mechanics?

    Hello! I'm still pretty new to RMMV -- have been feeling my way around the program and watching a lot of tutorials. Also picked up the beautiful PVGames 2.5D graphics which bring back much nostalgia of Ultima Online experiences many years ago! I'm quite deeply involved through two sides of my...
  2. OscarSouth

    Medieval Bundle VS Medieval Expansion on Steam

    Hey! I just picked up the 'Medieval Graphics' Bundle on Steam, and I noticed there's a separate 'Medieval Expansion' which is not part of the bundle. Could anyone run over the differences/relationship between these different products? Cheers! Oscar
  3. OscarSouth

    SERVICE Composer of 'otherworldly' score looking for MV project with unique art style and/or mood.

    I'm currently composing with an all-analogue studio utilising modular synthesizers/mixers and sound processing with analogue feedback loops, which creates a sound that exists somewhere between pseudo-orchestral and otherworldly. I also have a lot of expertise in a variety of experimental styles...

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My number one take away from this game jam is to make small games that are as polished and bug free as possible. Far less dev time, and if the game flops, it matters less because my time investment is much lower. Also, whatever ambitions I have... aim for about 10% of them. They are clearly too high, and will involve stuff that likely won't matter.

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