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  1. MarceloGToonz

    RMMV Party Switch Plugin

    I need a plugin that makes a scene so I can add a scene where the player talks to a npc and then a window shows up and you can switch actors around through your party and the unlocked characters. I need some plugin which isnt the Party Switch plugin by Yanfly cuz im broke
  2. MarceloGToonz

    RMMV I need Help with the Party Manager Plugin by Hime

    So when I add an actor to my party they dont appear. I know this is caused by the Party Manager because I turned it off and tried playing my game and added an actor they appeared but when I turned it back on it did
  3. MarceloGToonz

    I need help with saves

    So I want the player to when they download a update for my game they can transfer their save progress into the game... how do I do that?
  4. MarceloGToonz

    Followers not Appearing

    I was testing my game but the followers are not appearing. the graphics arent invisible and I enabled Followers. What do I do?
  5. MarceloGToonz

    RMMV What is the size of busts

    So I have an alternate menu plugin that uses busts. but what is the size of busts for me to make my own?
  6. MarceloGToonz

    Is there a way to add an actor to a certain party slot?

    so here is some context. on my game there is a part where the main character leaves the team and gets possessed and so you need to fight him. but how do I add him back to party slot 1 when the fight is over and he returns to the team?
  7. MarceloGToonz

    How do I check if a certain actor is in a certain party slot (RMMV)

    I need to know so I can check something. Any scripts or event commands?
  8. MarceloGToonz

    I need some help (RMMV)

    Alright so I need to find a way to make a Actor Switching System so basically this is how the one im using currently works. So you go to the room where all the characters that you unlocked are located at. So you go there and you interact with one of them then a list appears with all the...

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