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  1. yeaka

    Cyclone Maps - Overlay, Tile Size, Region Names, Region Collision and a lot more

    Was hoping for something like this, thanks for making it!
  2. yeaka

    VX Ace tilesets in MZ

    Ah, that's just what I was hoping for! Thank you! :D
  3. yeaka

    VX Ace tilesets in MZ

    Ah, thanks! I knew there were old plugins for MV but didn't know if they'd work for MZ and couldn't find any for MZ yet. I'll hope one pops up then. :)
  4. yeaka

    VX Ace tilesets in MZ

    Ah, thanks. I was hoping that wasn't the only option since I prefer the smaller size overall, but it is what it is I suppose. Thanks for letting me know.
  5. yeaka

    VX Ace tilesets in MZ

    Sorry, correct me if this has already been addressed, but is there a way to use the VX Ace tilesets, aka 32x32 instead of 48x48, in MZ? MZ seems amazing so far... but I just can't get past having to give up all the amazing sets I have in the smaller size!
  6. yeaka

    New Releases - Creatures: Woodland Animals, Nature Soundscapes

    Animal Pack creator here: I could try and put a gif or two, but I wonder if I'm allowed to post them here now that the pack's on the store? (Sorry, I'm still new and not really sure of the rules).
  7. yeaka

    Creatures: Animals sprite pack

    No worries, the input's still helpful! You're totally right about the repeat themes. Honestly I would've just focused on the animals, but was told the forest tileset would help; frankly I wouldn't even use my own trees, lol. Now you've got me spiraling in a completely different direction...
  8. yeaka

    Creatures: Animals sprite pack

    Thanks for it! I did actually think of doing different dog and cat breeds, but wasn't sure if anyone cared about that. Same with "exotic" animals; I was originally going to put civets and lemurs and pangolins and such in the woodland pack but ran out of steam and figured I should first test if...
  9. yeaka

    Creatures: Animals sprite pack

    Thank you for the input! Those games did come to mind, and the RTP has some cute farm options but is limited. Was thinking of adding some more cows, pigs, goats, llamas, etc...
  10. yeaka

    Creatures: Animals sprite pack

    Heyo, I don't know if I've ever actually used the forums before, so sorry in advance if this is posted in the wrong place or not allowed. My pack, "Creatures: Woodland Animals" just went up on the store, and if it sells well, I'd like to do more animal/creature packs for RPGMaker - I was...

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