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  1. EHCB

    Rem System - Text Replacement [Updated: 1.04]

    This is incredibly cool, I love the idea of being able to store my dialogue externally!
  2. EHCB

    External Text Files

    This is brilliant!
  3. EHCB

    Getting the currently displayed stepping frame of an event

    I had no idea 'This.' On it's osn didn't work in event sheets! Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed!!
  4. EHCB

    Getting the currently displayed stepping frame of an event

    Hello! I have some events that I want to behave differently depending on which image is chosen for them in the editor It was straightforwad to check which direction the events facing but I can't for the life of me find a way of referencing the current frame. I'm hoping it's something simple...
  5. EHCB

    Yanfly Event Copier - Pre and Post Copy Codes

    Would it be possible for anyone to give me aspecifix example for how one might write code for this? I've been trying to make copied events retain the direction of their original targets and the variable I'm trying to store it in seems to stay at 0 no matter what I try. I've tried using 'target'...
  6. EHCB

    FluidTimestep -- Fix the game speed

    Hi all! Since the documenation for this seems to be gone, would anyone be able to explain how to reference the game's accurate framerate in a script call? Trying to use _dt and SceneManager._dt as variables are both resulting in errors.
  7. EHCB

    MBS - Sound Emittance

    I'm glad to see this thread isn't dead. I built my game heavily around this plugin, completely excited by it's possibilities, without realizing how old it was. I uploaded a game prototype only to find that people couldn't load their saved games; getting the error "this._pannerNode.setPosition is...

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