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  1. Loki2020

    RMMV I just want to add an hour to the time (mog Time System)

    I've tried several ways but the best I could do is get the hour to change to NaN. I thought it would be as easy as plugin command: $gameSystem.add_hour(1) Sadly this and everything else I tried failed.
  2. Loki2020

    Parallax background map shifts one tile in test play.

    HI, please spare me this madness. I have an image I am using for my map as a parallax BG. The problem is if I add an ! to the file name to anchor the BG the BGT shifts one tile right, cuts off the last 48px of the background and applies the cut off part of the graphic to the left most (first)...
  3. Loki2020

    How do I slow down battle messages?

    I have did a bit of searching but have not seen a way to slow down the display of battle event massages. Ehe?

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