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  1. Isn't that literally what every human being doing everyday? Doing thing they don't want to do xD

    Isn't that literally what every human being doing everyday? Doing thing they don't want to do xD
  2. RMMV Making a Pkmn-like battle system.

    It's very easy. Keep messing around with the software. You will eventually learn how to do it after several years
  3. RMMV -deleted-

  4. RMMZ Searching within console log

    Thank you @caethyril What about nested properties? I mean to also get properties of object that nested within another object. For ex: for (p in Game_Actor.prototype) if (p.includes('skeleton')) console.log(p); return 'skeleton weapons' & 'skeleton armors' objects, which also contains properties...
  5. RMMZ Searching within console log

    Hi, do you guys have any tips for searching a property within an object? For example, i know there is this property which has "skeleton" string within its name, and it's belong to object Game_Actor. I want to search for all of Game_Actor's properties those has "skeleton" string within its name...
  6. [MEDIA]

  7. My thoughts on MZ

    Definitely pick MV over MZ!
  8. TAA_SmartHelpWindows v1.0.0!

    That's a smart design, very nice
  9. This site can't be reached console log issue

    Hi, i upgraded NWJS to a newer version today. Then when i run test the game, i got this issue when tried to open Dev Console window. Anyone know how to solve this issue? Thank you
  10. Seance - Manga investigation game

    Awesome work, it look very promising
  11. Still no update for MV?

    Well, that's how Degica do thing. They throw out incomplete products, and if it ever get new big update? It will be made into another product for you to spend your money again
  12. I want to talk about plugin CONFLICTS!

    That's why some people chose the short way, to pay a programmer so that he will solve your problem in few days. Much better compare to spend so many of yours precious time into solve the plugins conflict yourself, right?
  13. Are Rpgmaker games Asset Flips?

    It doesn't need to be for purpose of "making quick buck". It applies for low effort games as well. To be honest, graphic assets matter the most because even you spent 10 years to put up a super story for your game, if you publish it on Steam with default RTP asset, well, you think people who...
  14. Capturing a monster

    Perhaps there are plugins that do what you want, but they're paid plugins if i remember it right
  15. Are Rpgmaker games Asset Flips?

    Well, it's certainly not good for your reputation as a game developer. I also don't like the fact the game i made be considered as "asset-flip" game and I was really surprised for just having realized this until this morning. Now that's a good post about how bad is asset-flip on reddit
  16. Are Rpgmaker games Asset Flips?

    Well, after recently i sent a dev friend of mine, a copy of my Rpgmaker project, he asked me a question that made me think hard "Is your game asset flip?" Okay, so i searched on internet for definition of what might be considered as Asset Flip game, and according to this article...
  17. RMMV Enemy Actions Log

    You guys know any plugin that record enemies' actions in battle? I think it's a great feature to be able to re-check what actions enemies took & their effects (skills' description). Hopefully somebody will make a plugin for this, thanks
  18. Which can help the game PAID or FREE Plugins ?

    Nice question, you are asking the same thing as, which can help you to move from your house to your school, your legs or a motorbike. Assume the school is 30 kilometers afar, paid plugins are like that cool motorbike which will cost you quite a bit however it will save you from walking to your...
  19. Tales from Zilmurik is now on Steam!

    This game need more attention to it :| It look so great!
  20. RMMV Skill for scriptcall

    Not really understand what you mean, but you can call script in Damage Formula box

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