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  1. CrasheR

    RMMV Move That Box! (DEMO) (puzzle game)

    General infromation: Maker: RPG Maker MV Genre: Puzzle game Project status: Demo! (Full game avaliable when its ready :D) Language: English SUPPORT THE GAME ON KICKSTARTER Download: (At you can also find a downloadable version for Mac and Linux.) (The game in this version may...
  2. CrasheR

    RMMV Show Variable and screen in real time.

    Hello, im making a puzzle game where I want to show player how many steps he has done on the map. I need to show variable on map that will update in real time every time player makes a move = every time variable goes up. 1. Show variable on screen, 2. Update it when player moves, 3. Turn it off...
  3. CrasheR

    RMMV Black Hills: Revisited

    Revisited is upgraded version of Black Hills Mansion previously released at Konrad Championships II 2020. Story: A young policewoman, Clara Witch, receives an SMS with coordinates that may lead her to the place where 4 missing people are being held. Despite the fact that this place is in the...
  4. CrasheR

    Crashykk's Workshop (MV/MZ, VX/VX Ace, 2003)

    Note: Tiles shown on this page are still work in progress and are subject to change. Usable in: MV/MZ, VX/VX Ace and 2003. Style: Retro Resolution: 16x16 Release date: (Demo available) Info: These tiles are created with RPG Maker MV/MZ in mind, although thanks to 16x16 (16 pixels per 16...
  5. CrasheR

    Skip Title Screen Plugin (With game over and Return to Title Screen)

    Hi, im looking for a working Skip Title plugin. I used SRD_RemoveTitleScreen and the one from Yami. Both do their job, but only when you activate game for the first time. Game Over, Return to Title Screen commands take you to the oryginal Title. I have a custom title screen crated on events, so...
  6. CrasheR

    RMMV Dunsa's Prophecy

    Title: Dunsa's Prophecy Genre: Action Adventure (Zeldalike) RPG Maker: MV (Introduction) Dunsa's Prophecy is a game created with custom event ABS based on The Legend of Zelda with pixel movement. Creating this project i want to be sure that all you need is your skill and not luck. Basically...

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