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  1. Commotion

    Your favorite Music making software?

    This is just personally opinionated, for those of you who make little sound tracks, which software do you like the most and why, and which one would you think is easy for others to learn and get the hang of it?
  2. Commotion

    Town Creation/Battle

    Okay guys I think I have a idea for a great script, but it may be extremely complex so I may have to either learn how to do it myself or pay to get it done, but I want to know if its possible before doing it. Basically the player get a town and it starts with just land, and overtime he get...
  3. Commotion

    Is it possible to become a good artist?

    Hey guys Ive always wanted to do art, however Ive never actually taken art classes, I occasionally draw to relieve stress and enjoy it but im very bad like very very bad... But I really want to get better but im not sure if its one of those "gifts" or if you actually have to learn to draw. Mind...
  4. Commotion

    How much is Fair?(Paying for helpers)

    Okay so this is NOT a recruitment post so no PM's etc please. I am just wondering how much would you guys personally pay for help with your game. And how would you pay someone, in bulk or hourly? I am interested in getting help but not sure at all what a basic line to start from so any input in...
  5. Commotion

    Windows 8.1 downgrade?

    So after contacting about rpgmaker staff and spending a few months trying to solve my "jitter" issue I have came to no conclusion. Ive spent a few hundred dollars and not being able to get even close to mid way in my game is kinda upsetting, so with the jitter most likely being a windows 8.1...
  6. Commotion

    Parallax Mapping, My Journey Begins!

    Good evening everyone,, so here I go finally diving into parallax mapping, It is difficult I will not lie but oh my gosh is it so fun and soo much freedom, Ive spent 15minutes playing around with Gimp trying to get use to using a program (although I will most likely use Photoshop when I get...
  7. Commotion

    Map lagging, scripts dont help..

    So I "had" decided not to go the parallax mapping route, however Ive run into an issue which is kinda annoying, My map is 50x50 and I have only mapped it, and doing so I have add events, solely as tile holders, so that I can layer things. Now doing so, I consequently have tons of events on my...
  8. Commotion

    Game Length input

    So I bring yet another question/debate to everyone :) This time Im wondering what everyone prefers, I have permission from an author to create a game and use his work and change it as I see fit, I have full rights for commission too. However this certain book Im making this game on is...
  9. Commotion

    How do You make your game?

    So Im wondering how others handle making their game, I currently have been working on one single map for several weeks, I typically add all the scripts I think will be used in my game, then I map a single map out, test to make sure the map is decent,no bugs and no passable tiles that shouldnt...
  10. Commotion

    Walking over unpassable tiles?

    I dont know if this is a script interfering with tiles or what exactly is happening, I'm using Fantasy DLC. And all my characters are using 8 direction/diagonal My tiles are set to non-passable and they stay like that but for some reason on some tiles if im walking diagonal it will just let my...
  11. Commotion

    Never to Late for Intro :)

    I was Hesitant to make a introduction as I wasnt sure if I was going to use the forum much, however In little less then a day I feel in love with some members, probably most engaging and helpful community to date Ive come across.So even though Ive post quite a bit thought I may post about me...
  12. Commotion

    What Battle System do you like?

    Hello everyone, Im currently trying to figure out what Battle system I want to do, so in your opinion please tell me which battle system you enjoy playing the most and maybe give me a reason why :) **ONLY GIVE YOUR OPINION ON THE ONE YOU LIKE- IF YOU DONT LIKE A SYSTEM DONT GIVE A INPUT ON IT...
  13. Commotion

    Shadows in Battle?

    Im using Yami's Battle symphony and im having issues with a small circle shadow,not sure why I cant get rid of it. I disabled shadows in the script but it still seems to be there any idea? [Edit] Im in need of this getting fix, it may be a simple overlook or a issue that takes time, however if...
  14. Commotion

    Battle symphony script?

    Clearly I have much more work ahead of me, I have chosen Battle symphony as my battle system as I have side view animation graphics however Im running in a few issues that Im not sure whats going on or what I should be editing. Firstly My main character is using 8Direction, Which I finally got...
  15. Commotion

    Looking For Artist,and Help!

    Hello and Fair Day all, I am starting my long journey in rpgmaker using vx ace. I am searching for some help from artist, and some experience rpgmaker users. The game I currently want to pursue is based off the book "Questing Sucks" by Kevin Weinberg. I have full permission's from the author in...
  16. Commotion

    Elf Boat on High Fantasy?

    I purchased all the High Fantasy Packs, and I swear I saw and elf boat tileset somewhere in one of them, but searching through them all again I cannot find it, does anyone know if I was imagining this or what happen if im missing a file now lol?

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