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  1. SlaveOfThaMind

    [ACE] [Solved!] (Monogatari) Adding either a scenecall or extra menu

    Hello everybody, I'm here with a somewhat difficult (for me) problem. Now I am no coder, I should say, but I can follow directions perfectly.  I am using the Monogatari Menu system and I am attempting to add in a secondary skill system. ( Galv's Magic Shards ) First of all I have attempted to...
  2. SlaveOfThaMind

    SlaveOfThaMind's Mindless Tunes

    Hey everybody! Very excited to showcase my latest creations with all of you here at the RPGMakerWeb community!  I'm still a beginner at this but please feel free to post your feedback! I can only post five of these media plugins per post so after a reply, or 24 hours has passed I will post...
  3. SlaveOfThaMind

    [ACE] Mog's Monogatari Menu System - Yanfly Learn Skill System - Compatibility

    Hello again! I'm here this time with concern regarding the Monogatari menu system by MOG ( beautiful ) and the Learn Skill system from Yanfly. I should start by saying that i was using Mog's Wallpaper EX script for my main character menu. It worked flawlessly with the Learn Skill script. I...
  4. SlaveOfThaMind

    [ACE] Splash Screen Sound

    So I've got the splash screen logo set up for my game. It works beautifully. I'm wondering though, if I would be able to add a sound effect along side the picture? (such as a clock ticking) here is the script in question
  5. SlaveOfThaMind

    [ACE] Change boat graphic?

    Any way to change the standard graphic for the boat, to something on a tad bit larger scale? i.e I know the directions that they are facing arent good for now, but that I can fix. I have a part in my game which calls for a boat ride around a channel but, the tiny boat graphic provided...
  6. SlaveOfThaMind

    [ACE] Yanfly Engine Ace - Learn Skill Engine v1.00 [Solved]

    Hey everyone, I've been out of the loop for quite a while now, but I had a question in regards to the Yanfly Engine Ace - Learn Skill Engine v1.00 script.   From what I've gathered so far, you can basically set it to unlock skills at a certain actor level, and require 'x' ammount of 'y' to learn...
  7. SlaveOfThaMind

    Computer not posting... Motherboard or CPU?

    So a few days ago we had a pretty strong storm here and lightning hit not too far from my house. The power went out and immediately turned back on. My television, modem, router, and computer were running at the time. At first the t.v. wouldn't turn on but I left it unplugged for about 15...
  8. SlaveOfThaMind

    Bought Resource but misspelled email

    What can be done about changing my email address? I left out one little letter and now I don't have a confirmation email or download link email :( I feel like a noob!
  9. SlaveOfThaMind


    Anyone have this game? I bought it a while back and started playing it before I quit due to time restraints. Weeded it out. So now I've popped my disc back in and installed it. I'm on the 3rd venue so far on bass. I wish it had options for 5 string bass included... ( Maybe on the 2014 edition )...
  10. SlaveOfThaMind

    Just realized I have not properly introduced myself!

    Hello everyone! My name is Patrick and I am 24 years old. I live in North America, the state of Georgia ( I don't call this place united states because... well because it isn't really united.. ) I am a certified Computer Hardware Specialist and am currently working in a completely irrelevant...
  11. SlaveOfThaMind

    Centrum Terrae - Screenshots & Synopsis

    I would like to give the community a first glimpse of my game.       Please keep in mind that the game is very limited at the moment and as such, will NOT reflect the final product.           Presenting...   Centrum Terrae     Story This game is about a group of heroes, bound...
  12. SlaveOfThaMind

    Any way to condition 2 items required for event?

    As the topic suggests, I am wondering if an event could possibly require two items to exist in order for the condition to be met. Here is what I am trying to do. There is a fireplace down in the catacombs. Player examines it the first time and notices that something is wedged in the stone near...
  13. SlaveOfThaMind

    Character stuck after player transfer

    I have an Inn sequence set up that after you pay, sleep, and wake up refreshed, you appear upstairs in a bedroom. Well when I navigate the character to the stairwell, my character appears downstairs as expected, but, I cant move him. He wont turn he wont walk he's just stuck. The transfer...
  14. SlaveOfThaMind

    What's better; Tile or Nothing....

    Not sure how to name thie topic and keep it short, sorry, thats what I came up with though. Here is my question. When creating a map with black border - for example - an interior scene, I am using black to give the area a border/illusion that you are really inside, you see the walls around you...
  15. SlaveOfThaMind

    Aren't you afraid of someone stealing your ideas?

    Aren't you afraid of releasing any info on your games before the game is complete? Like for instance, Screen shots, Trailers, The Game's Name, Character Names, Plots, etc. Does anybody worry about some simpleton coming along and snagging your ideas? Im eager to release some samples from my...
  16. SlaveOfThaMind

    {ACE} Need Compatible Sideview Script (For Mog's ATB)

    Hey guys and girls! I am having a problem displaying my sprites during a battle sequence. I am using a handful of scripts from MOG's Ace Master Demo, mainly battle system-wise. I love the hud and the active time battle that mog's script offers, however I would also like to have my sprites...
  17. SlaveOfThaMind

    How do I use an image for window skin?

    Im using XS Menu Delux and I love it.. however, every other tab is using the stock window skin background (gradient) How can I make the alternate menu's ( Item, Equipment, Save, Load, etc ) use the same background as the one in the main menu? ( it doesn't have to be animated like the main menu...
  18. SlaveOfThaMind

    How do you make your inside maps?

    I've spent a lot of time trying to create an inside map, but always start over with a  fresh start. I just cant figure out which way to design the house border, if I want to show the landscape outside, or a parallax background. How do you feel is the best looking way to create an inside...
  19. SlaveOfThaMind

    Sideview or Action?

    Im tinkering with XAS abs for a game im making but im finding its becoming more and more of a chore than sideview battles. How do you decide which battle system is right for your game? Which do you prefer?
  20. SlaveOfThaMind

    Need spell animations compatible for SAS4

    As the title says, I need some spell animations to use with my Sapphire Action System IV grounded game. I am using sprites from PVGames HF resources, so the spells will need to show up a bit higher coming from the main characters, otherwise it looks like im casting fireball from the knees...

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