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  1. Nolonar

    Bug Windows position bug

    I've noticed an interesting bug with RPG Maker MZ where windows are positioned weirdly. This bug only seems to affect people with multiple monitors, and there's a good chance it's related to High DPI screens. In my case, I have 2 High DPI (150%) screens. I use RPG Maker MZ on my secondary...
  2. Nolonar


    Do you know Fire Emblem? N_BustDialog was inspired by Fire Emblem. It allows for up to 4 busts displayed at the same time, assigned to either the left or right side, and the back or front position: The busts can be moved between positions. The plugin also automatically manages the way...
  3. Nolonar


    I made this plugin out of curiosity, and figured maaaybe someone might want to use it. N_Benchmark adds a benchmark option to your game, accessible from within the title screen. Might be useful to determine how a specific plugin affects your game's performance. It might also be useful for...
  4. Nolonar


    N_AutoTextReplace is a simple plugin. All it does is replace text from your "Show Text..." event command with whatever you want it replaced with. For example: Will become: In the above example, my replacement patterns were: ( -> \c[1]( Changes text color to color 1 before opening bracket...
  5. Nolonar


    A picture is worth a thousand words. And an animated one is worth a thousand pictures: N_WeatherFog gives you procedurally generated fog (using perlin noise). What does that mean? No need to spend time creating fog textures or looking for them on the internet. Natural-looking animations...
  6. Nolonar


    Do you feel like the touch UI button (the button that's always visible in the top right corner) could be improved? N_EnhancedTouchUIButton does just that. What it does Fixes menu dimensions when touch UI is disabled. Provides the following touch UI display modes (this does not affect mobiles...
  7. Nolonar


    N_Pixelate disables smoothing to make graphics look pixelated. Here are two screenshots (scaled up to better show the difference) showing the difference between smooth (no plugin) and pixelated (with plugin): This plugin also happens to be compatible to MV (tested on MV 1.6.2). You can get...
  8. Nolonar


    Tired of changing the player's starting position every time you want to go to the test map to test something? Then N_TestMap might be for you. What it does Adds a "Test map" option to the title screen, letting you go straight to the test map instead of starting a new game. This option is only...
  9. Nolonar


    RPG Maker MZ ships with autosave out of the box, but I feel it's a bit limited. Hence I've made the N_EnhanceAutosave plugin. What it does Lets you stop autosaves from increasing the "Save Count" variable (can be turned off). Lets you disable autosaves for individual maps (for example Test...
  10. Nolonar

    Use Map as Title Screen

    EDIT This plugin is now available on GitHub (and has been adapted for MZ): --- Just before MZ releases, here's a new MV plugin from me: N_TitleMap What does it do? It lets you choose a map, which will be shown instead of the usual Title Screen...
  11. Nolonar

    What are all the possible meta tags for plugin parameters?

    The RMMV documentation lists a couple of meta tags to be used when developing plugins. Here are the ones listed in the documentation: @plugindesc @author @param @desc @default @help @requiredAssets @dir @require @type file @type animation @noteParam @noteRequire @noteDir @noteType @noteData...
  12. Nolonar

    Hide mouse cursor when idle

    EDIT This plugin is now available on GitHub: --- Hello everyone. Today I'd like to release a plugin I just made. (I hope I'm doing this right) I call it: IdleMouse It simply hides the mouse cursor when idle. It also hides the mouse cursor...
  13. Nolonar

    Region names

    Currently, regions are numbered from 1 to 255 (with 0 representing no region). I think it would be nice if we could give some of those regions a name. The reason I would like this feature, is because there are plugins that make use of regions to add features that aren't available out of the...
  14. Nolonar

    How do I get autotiles to disappear behind A tiles?

    While browsing through default maps for inspiration, I noticed something interesting: Autotiles disappearing behind A tiles. This is what it looks like: and here's what I got when I tried to do it myself: As you can see, autotiles disappearing behind A tiles provide an incredible sense of...
  15. Nolonar

    How do I know if I dodged or got hit?

    I'm currently making a new game (my first RMMV game). I used to work with RM2k, so I have a rough understanding of how to use RMMV. For my tutorial, I have a forced battle. The first thing that happens in the battle, is my character gets attacked by an enemy. The event basically goes like this...
  16. Nolonar

    [Bug]StorageManager.saveToLocalFile() throws exceptions

    User: Nolonar Bug: StorageManager.saveToLocalFile() throws exceptions How to Replicate the Bug: Make sure there's a whitespace character in your project's path, for example: "C:\RPG Maker MV\MyProject" Make sure your project already contains a "save" directory, for example by saving once or...

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