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  1. JazzGotBlues

    What are the biggest mistakes begginers do?

    tbh, if you fail to stay motivated when starting small to learn your stuff and get better at rpg maker then why try to become a great gamemaker at all? If you want to make a game for fun, enjoy your freetime sure. looking to make a good game for a big audience, practice a lot. Safe yourself and...
  2. JazzGotBlues


    well, seems like an annoying person, that is also very good at what he's doing, helps others and is pretry likeable :) nice to meet you
  3. JazzGotBlues

    Question about giving credit to older/non-existent companies and games

    ofc the mods are going to give a better explaination... cuz they smarter then me xd but as far as I know crediting the company name should do the trick. Also mention that for copyright issues they can contact. I suggest googeling copyright laws in your country? And the country the company...
  4. JazzGotBlues

    RMMV Fading Remnants (IGMC2018)

    I can't play it, I would be jelous of all the beautifull art every second of the way... Because OwO does that look amazing )_( Seems like a great team you guys have there! :D
  5. JazzGotBlues

    What are the biggest mistakes begginers do?

    It's just scary how much I can relate with the boy )_( But yes the comics are really helpfull! Thanks for bringing this up! :D
  6. JazzGotBlues

    What are the biggest mistakes begginers do?

    Tbh as someone who just started out themself and... also asked for tips. The biggest mistake I made the first few weeks was thinking I couldn't just not understand. Now I'm working on a small game max 10 maps and just try to experience how it is to make and finish a game. Just trying to make...
  7. JazzGotBlues

    RMVXA The Death Due Us is a stupid title?

    To be honest, I'm never too much into titles that not directly have anything to do with the story. So unless the game directly goes about Death Due to Us... I feel like something refrencing scavengers, a legend about a fallen star. The game itself looks really great tho )_( Something related...
  8. JazzGotBlues

    Starbird RTP Edits

    I'm loving it already :D
  9. JazzGotBlues

    RPG Maker MV/MZ Extended Generator - Version 0.68 - Update on the 10th April 2021

    I'm really losing my stuff... I have never been any good with Coding and Computer files etc... but it just looks so EASY :( I hate to bump this threat just to ask a question, but it looks so great and I really want to use this generator This exact file I want to put into the Generator...
  10. JazzGotBlues

    I'm now trying to kill them using yesterdays newspaper... Making progress.

    I'm now trying to kill them using yesterdays newspaper... Making progress.
  11. JazzGotBlues

    Annoying buggs, they keep on appearing when I work on MV. I tried to remove them... didn't work.

    Annoying buggs, they keep on appearing when I work on MV. I tried to remove them... didn't work.
  12. JazzGotBlues

    RMMV Odyssey - Action Adventure Zelda-esque RPG

    I actually agree, the fast movement makes the game not boring and feeling more alive. I love the custom tiles! The fact that you did all of this mostly trough eventing is amazing :O So you have a supporter! just one question: All the Entities on the map seem to get destroyed in one hit...
  13. JazzGotBlues

    Is it possible to freeze all events like autorun freezes the player?

    It should also activate a switch for this instance named FREEZE. Then all the events on the map should have a page added when the FREEZE switch is played they all get a new movement route... aka none. As you are able to change the movement route for every page of the event. Be sure to check...
  14. JazzGotBlues

    Your opinions on hard and mandatory bosses?

    Bosses should also be one of the last steps of your game. (Not the actual characters, but the battle) You just playtest your game twice, once doing every battle there is available up to that point and one where you only fight when needed. Compare the 2 levels you have and choose a minimum...
  15. JazzGotBlues

    Avy's MV Stuff

    EVIL SANTA SPRITE+BATTLER sorry I just had this idea at random and I think it would be really funny xd
  16. JazzGotBlues

    I'm a little bit confused about this...

    You can safe your settings for the character outside of the game, I'm not 100% sure on what type of file that is, but I will leave that to some other veteran who actually knows about spriting. (But in short yes you can use mv sprites outside of Mv) It's your character, Mv has no...
  17. JazzGotBlues

    How to come back from a failed project?

    Make what you want to make! Destroying what you have is the worst Idea ever. EVER! It seems as your maps are looking really good, and I am not sure how complex you want your games to be, but mostly combat systems are really important to be original. I couldn't make up what was and wasn't...
  18. JazzGotBlues

    IGMC and November Goals and Progress Thread

    Tbh I just started doing RPG Mv active again, so Imma just work on a fun project to get the hang of RPG Mv again and submit it for the heck of it, (Or maybe just to this community, but the date still stands) Having only 18 days of wich 6 you will be gone :/ Doesn't help. It's every year right...
  19. JazzGotBlues

    Converting a png into a map? (Never used RPG maker before)

    So inside your game files, there is a folder called tilesets (not the one with numbers) and copypaste the tilesets/picture into that folder. Then inside the actual game open your rescource manager and select tilesets, Select an empty page for either worldmap, outside or inside and select the...
  20. JazzGotBlues



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