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  1. RyuRose

    Will do - will keep strong! Thanks!

    Will do - will keep strong! Thanks!
  2. RyuRose

    Just making my game, promise to be done by at least the end of the month!

    Just making my game, promise to be done by at least the end of the month!
  3. RyuRose

    [For MV] Hi, Looking for a twintail generator part...

    Hi, sorry to be a bother but can anyone, please make/point out a MV generator part that is for a female character, the twintail style. I will attach photos to show what I want to request. Please if you can, it will be appreciated...
  4. RyuRose

    Avy's MV Stuff

    Hello Avery, I love your sprites especially the cat SV battler. Can I ask a favour though, can you please make a tabby cat or black cat SV battler, if you can. Thanks so much. Sorry for troubling you, but I suck at art.
  5. RyuRose

    Random Battles?

    I, as a RPG gamer, despise Random Encounters. In my (upcoming) game, Crimsoneta, I am considering not allowing Random Encounters, instead just by setting it on the map. How do you guys feel about Random Encounters.
  6. RyuRose

    [MV] Tabby Cat Face, Character and SV Battler Request!

    That is perfect. Thank you so much. A tabby recolor is perfect. I also noticed that there is an enemy SV Battler for a cat. Must I link it as well to get a tabby recolor?
  7. RyuRose

    [MV] Tabby Cat Face, Character and SV Battler Request!

    Hi, I am making a game called Crimsoneta, I really need a cat battler (actor) so here is my request. Resource Type: Character, Face set and SV Battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: Cartoony or MV Style. (I suck at drawing) Description: Kite the Cat is a save point in my game. He is also one...

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