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  1. Twisted_Warlok

    Fairy & Dwarf Sprite Templates for MV

    Looking for someone to make a decent looking Dwarf TV, TVD, SV, Face template & Fairy TVD, SV & Face template (already have a TV template). Also, a SV actor (for animated battler) for a flesh eating plant, panther, and a Gremlin (similar to Spike from the movie) would be greatly appreciated...
  2. Twisted_Warlok

    Get Parser Error Expected Value line 1 when trying to make .apk file

    Hello all! Trying to make .apk file via the instructions in RMMV help file. However, I get this:   C:\GAMEFOLDER\www>python C:\crosswalk-15.44.384.13\ --package=com.GAMEDOMAIN.GAMENAME --manifest=manifest.json There is a parser error in manifest.json file: Expecting value: line 1...
  3. Twisted_Warlok

    Plugin for Skill based on Item in Inventory

    I'm just curious if there are any plugins out there that can available and limit the use of a skill based on items in the inventory yet for RMMV? Ex: A certain class has a skill that requires at least a certain amount of item(s) in the inventory. If not, skill cannot be used. If there is and I...
  4. Twisted_Warlok

    Early Development - The Serpentcrest Legacy: Secrets of the Ancients

    Edit: Located at Game Synopsis: Basically, what I have so far is a rag-tag group of companions are from various backgrounds throughout a certain certain of the world. Within this region of the world, they are oppressed by various forms of...
  5. Twisted_Warlok

    Just a small request, can you access my game from your browser?

    Thanks in Advance RPGMaker Community! I would just like to know if you guys can reach my game at ? If so, thanks! If not, please let me know what browser you're using! If you get lag, let me know what browser you're using and if that's something that happens with other...
  6. Twisted_Warlok

    Multiple Party Script bound to key press

    Hello all! I'm looking for a script that can switch between 3 separate parties with the ability to call script calls to create said parties, add/remove members or even delete said parties which could also be bound to key presses and switches. It would really be nice if it could be compatible...

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