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  1. The Bird King

    Voice sound when text is drawn?

    But how would I set it so the sound would play until all the text is drawn and stop when all the text is drawn. Is there a way to set up a common event that checks if text is being drawn and play a sound effect when it is?
  2. The Bird King

    Voice sound when text is drawn?

    Is there a script that would play a sound as text is being drawn on the screen, something similar to ds and gameboy rpgs where a mumble plays when characters talk, in the characters voice.
  3. The Bird King

    How to make text speed slower?

    Thank you.
  4. The Bird King

    How to make text speed slower?

    Lets say that I put \. to make the text wait 15 frames, I would have to do that after every single letter in every single dialogue, or after every word. Might there be a script that would do the same thing?
  5. The Bird King

    How to make text speed slower?

    When I display text for dialogues and stuff like that, the game draws the text way too fast. This makes it so the player can skip any line of text by pressing z or enter twice, the first time showing the rest of the text, the second one skipping it.  Is there a way to control how fast text in...
  6. The Bird King

    How to change desktop icon?

    So how do I change it, I tried mr but there were no good ones there. Does anyone know a website that has game icons? 

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