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  1. morlockhater

    Doors that close behind the player on entry?

    Hey there! Anybody know how I'd event a door that closes behind the player on entering a new map? For example, the player transfers out of his house, I want him to transfer onto the door, the door to open and he walks through, and the door to then close behind him. A feature like this was...
  2. morlockhater

    24x24 Tiles and Chars

    Anybody else out there making these? So far I've made two 48x24 sprites for a game based on 24x24 tiles. I'm a huge fan of a more pixel-art art style like the one seen in Vexed's 'Pop! Horror' resources, and I want to take advantage of both MV's new tile ratio, while still making something in a...
  3. morlockhater

    Veronica Mars: The Fan Game

    "A long time ago, we used to be friends..."         Updates 21/10/2015 - Hi guys, Morlockhater here with an update on the game. I'm excited to announce, after a lot of consideration, that I'll be transferring this project to RPG Maker MV. Everything from the improvements to the graphics...

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