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  1. Black Alchemy Games

    Elderine: Dreams to Destiny

    Through Steam Light and Now Early Access - Thank you! :)   Steam Store Page: About Elderine: Magic, riddles, new friendships and a quest to discover himself amid a world grasped by a dark, ancient evil. An ordinary boy, who finds...
  2. Black Alchemy Games

    Cannot Remove Property 'removeAgro' of undefined

    I think that might be the case.   The plugin text does detail removeAgro twice. 
  3. Black Alchemy Games

    Cannot Remove Property 'removeAgro' of undefined

    Restarting the game with no saves is fine and saves seems to work ok, but as you progress in the game and have autosaves I think the problem occurs.  I shall test some more and see if I can pinpoint the issue. 
  4. Black Alchemy Games

    Cannot Remove Property 'removeAgro' of undefined

    Hey Andar, unfortunately my console doesn't seem to be working either.  I have this error when i load it.
  5. Black Alchemy Games

    I'm developing a world

    Well if you keep on posting the imagery and some english text, I'm sure we will at least be able to understand something about your world.  Adds to the myster :)
  6. Black Alchemy Games

    Riddles, Switches and Variables

    Do you have any events that are setting or resetting your riddle variable to 0? So it should be like this: ? have event which sets riddle variable initially to 0 riddle 1 correct +1 (now 1)to riddle. door event = half open riddle 2 correct +1 (now 2)to riddle door event fully open
  7. Black Alchemy Games

    I'm developing a world

    Looks great so far.  Will be interesting to see you bring this world to life through imagery and text.  Hope you are able to translate from Spanish :)
  8. Black Alchemy Games

    Product Updates

    I really do love these sets, especially the medieval :)   Great work, and glad upscaled for MV!
  9. Black Alchemy Games

    Cannot Remove Property 'removeAgro' of undefined

    Hey all,  So, I have encountered a problem that crashes the game when a user goes to save a game.   Any time they select a save file slot and click save the error "Cannot Remove Property 'removeAgro' of undefined" appears.   I have events that "autosave" which still seem to work and will save...
  10. Black Alchemy Games

    Quasi Movement

    Hi there, For some reason when the player in my game moves to the lower edge of a map it is blocked.   I have played about with the settings so that the player can move on the bottom row of tiles and move over the exit map event.  However once returning to this map the player can no longer...
  11. Black Alchemy Games

    Elderine: Dreams to Destiny

    Any ideas, suggestions and of course encouragement is greatly appreciated :)
  12. Black Alchemy Games

    Elderine: Dreams to Destiny

    Hey all, so wanted to introduce my first attempt at a game, that I am working on with my brother.  We love games, love classic rpgs and wanted to attempt to create a game that hopefully others will enjoy. We are about 25% complete with the game, well in terms of story and gameplay, as we...

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