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  1. AshteriskGaming

    Questions: Transferring Turns & Character Training

    I didn't realize it was explicitly in black; I never made it black on purpose. My apologies; I didn't have dark theme on and the message box told me it was at the default color "none" when it clearly wasn't. I fixed that now, I think. An interesting proposal. I'll try that approach later today...
  2. AshteriskGaming

    Questions: Transferring Turns & Character Training

    (I must warn you, I have 27 characters in my current game. This is due to a lot of party switching and parties splitting and mixing in various ways. Characters are also capable of dying due to some events and can be unusable the rest of the game, so having other characters to replace them...
  3. AshteriskGaming

    Accidentally made RPGMaker MV playtest in browser?

    Now, I haven't a clue where this kind of subject would go, so I guess I'll just put this in general. I was editing my game and somehow, someway my game started to playtest within the nodekit thing as if it were running in browser view. I could not figure out for the life of me how to fix it...
  4. AshteriskGaming

    Khas Awesome Light Effects

    I keep getting "undefined method "flags" for nil:NilClass" errors when I playtest now. Anybody know what this is?
  5. AshteriskGaming

    How to simulate earthquake (Shake Screen) during dialogue?

    This is probably a stupid question that's been answered already, but I want to know how to simulate an earthquake during dialogue. The shake screen feature asks for a set time, but I want the shaking to continue during some dialogue. I don't want the effects to suddenly end during dialogue if...
  6. AshteriskGaming

    Moghunter's Title Screen - Adding Commands (RGSS3)

    New Game doesn't show it's graphic either; It's just text now. And I still can't get the graphics to show up on the Title screen. Will they only show once I have the commands tied to a script? I do not have them from a script, no. I basically was trying to put together an extra story, like...
  7. AshteriskGaming

    Moghunter's Title Screen - Adding Commands (RGSS3)

    Thanks; I edited my post with correct tags. Sorry, I'm a bit of a noob to this forum. Your script kind of just overwrites the commands in the title script when placed below it, and my commands don't even show visually. I'm not sure what you mean by adding the commands; I attempted to add them...
  8. AshteriskGaming

    Moghunter's Title Screen - Adding Commands (RGSS3)

    I actually did fix this problem on my own once before. Unfortunately, I have completely forgotten how I did it last time and have been unable to replicate the previous process. I am trying to enhance my title screen in a few ways, but this is most important: I need to add another command to...
  9. AshteriskGaming

    Khas Lighting Issue? Only works on a particular map?

    So, most of my game works rather well, but I have one major problem I can't figure out. I'm using Khas's Awesome Lighting and the script itself is being inconsistent. In my character's house, where I have nearly 20 different lights set up, it works fine, albeit causing some lag due to the amount...
  10. AshteriskGaming

    How to Use Sprite Battle System with Claimh Bust Battle System?

    So, I've recently come across Jet's (very nice) Viewed Battle System, and I'd like to use it, but I already have Claimh's Bust Battle System Scripts in my game. I'd like the busts to be at the bottom of the screen, the enemies at the top, and my character battle sprites to be kind-of in the...
  11. AshteriskGaming

    Several Issues... [RPG Maker VX Ace]

    I'm sorry; I don't mean to offend anyone, but I'm really trying to get some kind of assistance. I don't think any of these problems require what you're telling me to do, and I'm not going to tear apart the project unless I know it absolutely must be done. I'm just trying to get some input on...
  12. AshteriskGaming

    Several Issues... [RPG Maker VX Ace]

    I already identified the problem that is arising with Issues 1 and 2; understanding why they're happening isn't my issue. I need to know how to fix it. As for Issue 1, I'm not willing to simply remove the resolution selector just because the lighting system refuses to adjust accordingly. I...
  13. AshteriskGaming

    Several Issues... [RPG Maker VX Ace]

    So, I kinda included a lot of scripts in my game all at once and I have a few major issues that I'm not sure how to solve. I have so many scripts that work fine that I'm just thankful I don't have more issues than this. 1st Issue: I have Khas's Awesome Lighting script on here, but I also have...

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